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Hi all,

I'm thinking of visiting Israel since I have a friend living there, perhaps as a side trip when I go to Turkey.

What's the best way to get from Istanbul to Israel? (I'll also appreciate comments on whether it'll be more worth spending the time visiting various areas in Turkey since I'm already there).

How long would be sufficient to tour the entire country?

I'm not a religious person so I'll be going there more for culture, history and scenary.

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the best (and probably the only) way Istanbul - Tel Aviv is by air.

quest. abt entire country was abt Israel or Turkey?
If about Isr - then for "little this - little that" , but all the country - you have minimum 2 weeks.
israel is petite size but overfull with sights (not only religious)
for 2 weeks u should run like Rabbit of Energizer (do u know this comercial?)
in 3 weeks or so - you could do it at reasonable speed.
As in every trip, you'd better try to choose what you wish see right now, and what to leave "for the next time"
instead of trying to get all.
good luck and wish u enjoy your trip!

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Thanks a million for the reply vanessa!

This trip to Israel, if it happens, will be in 2009 so I still have time to plan. Just thinking in advance so to plan my finances.

And yes, I know the energizer bunny. It's a very old and evergreen character :)