Driving PanAm Highway, 15000 miles... Anyone Interested?

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My friend and I will be traveling from the USA to the Southern tip of South America over about 5 months starting this June (2008). We have decided to travel with our own transportation and are currently seeking a third person to join us for the entire trip or even a section. It would be great to find a third person because of the added security of having 3 people and also to split the cost of gas, which with 3 people over 15,000 miles running at 20 mpg @ an average price of $5US/gal (worst case scenario) should come out to be ~$1,300US per person, which is amazing! There is also the issue of the Darien Gap which would be great to be able to split cost 3 ways. While it makes great safety and financial sense, we are definitely looking for someone relaxed, easy to get along with, adventurous, open minded, etc. Some one to add value to our amazing experiance rather than someone just to add... ;)

If you’re at all interested please post or send me a message with some info about yourself and any questions you might have

Happy New Year!

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Let me know if you have plans to drive the venezuelan portion of the PanAm highway (you should really think about it since you can fill 10 liters with half a dollar here) -- and me and my g/f might join you as a fourth car in some venezuelan sections.

Luck with your partner search and greetings from Venezuela,

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Interesting topic.
I was thinking: is there some sort of specific route which defines the PanAm Highway? I always thought the route somehow was not really obvious and after Central America the route was heading someway south from Colombia and not east towards Venezuela?

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Well your adventure sounds like a good one but I don't want to be ther bearer of bad news. I was just down in Panama this summer at seems that there is no way (by road or of a safe one) across the Darien Gap. From my understanding the road highway just sort of ends in the jungle. Not to mention you will be in a major Guerrilla territory that seems in no way worth the risk. I hope the best for you but I would definately do a bit more research.

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there is no way to drive trough the Darien Gap.
you have to transport the car by ship from Panama over to Colombia.

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I am fully aware of the Darien Gap and the route does follow the western side of South America, but the Pan Am highway is going to be a loose guide to the route we actually take... If you'd like more info and resources about the Pan Am, send me a message and I'll be more than happy to pass them alonge

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Currently we are travelling by car start from Mexico and now we are in Poz do Iguasu, Brasil.

We had sent our car to Venezuela which was a greatest mistake of our travel.

it was damn expensive and thousands of paper work with fucking long time.(almost 2 weeks to get our car out of custom!!!)

Venezuela is good country to travel, so i recommend you to send your car to Colombia and do a travel to Venezuela.

Good luck and see you on the road!