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Hello one and all,

Im a unexperienced solo female traveller, and am planning to travel through Venezuela this summer.

I will be arriving/departing from Caracas airport but I have been told some really scary stories! Apparently the road to and from the airport is extremely dangerous and there are problems with taxis etc, even inside the airport there are bogus officials. Hearing this has really made me feel weary of going there. If anybody has actually gone through this airport before and travelled around Venezuela could you give me any advice? or tell me what the airport saftey etc is like?

Any response would be much appriciated,

Many Thanks

Rebecca :D

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Well, I have not been to the airport at Maiquetia myself as I live in Valencia, and fly directly there from Miami. I know many people who fly in and out of the airport all of the time, and have not had any problems. Like anywhere, it is neccesary to be cautious, especially as a female travelling alone (as I was when I first moved there)

Do you speak Spanish? That will surely help you out a bit. Are you staying in Caracas or taking a bus or flight out from there?? If you tell me a bit about your plans, I can give you some more detailed info on the best/safest way to get around. I like the bus system myself, and have taken it all over... even the 16 hour trip from Valencia to Pto. Ayacucho in Amazonas. I know that there is a bus which connects from the airport at maiquetia to a central terminal where you can go anywhere from there. I'll ask my boyfriend (who is from there) and see if he knows more about that.

Re: taxis. There are two kinds of taxis... the ones that look official, and the random cars with a little, homemade sign in the window that say "taxi." I've taken both, but it's not reccomended to take the later of the two. I don't know what the official taxis look like in Caracas, but in Valencia, they are white and have a yellow and black checkered stripe down the sides, with a normal Taxi sign with advertisements on it. Basically, they look like real taxis.

I imagine that a taxi from maiquetia to caracas could be expensive, and the people I've dealt with in the past have always reccomended taking a bus (cheaper... plus there is safety in numbers) to the central terminal (will find out the name) and either taking a taxi from there, or grabbing a bus to another city.

Anyway, I will try to get you some more info. When do you plane to travel and where will you visit? If you visit Valencia, Pto. Cabello, Tucacas (Morrocoy) or places in the realm of Edo. Carabobo or Falcon, let me know for sure and I can give you tons of detailed info, as that is where I live.

Good luck!!

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Hi Rebecca, i live in Caracas. I'm always travelling by the Simon Bolivar International Airport, is not so bad, they are many taxis at the airport doors where you can go to Caracas easyli if you want. They'll ask you 100.000 Bs. ($ 47) as much... but you must take only the taxis of the airport, it has a logo at the car doors. You dont have to be scared about take those taxis, evrything it's gonna be fine. The way to the airport is not so bad, it just that a few months ago it has be a little bit dengerous, but now is fine. Any question, just ask me... take care! If you need some help at caracas you can just tell me and i'll answer you. Bye bye.

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Now see, the previous post tells you how much I know about Caracas, lol. Not much. I didn't even know about that airport... is Simon Bolivar airport different fromt the airport in Maiquetia?? lol. I have nooo idea. Anyway, she's right, as long as you can find the "official" taxis, you are fine. Busses are always good too, although some say that I'm crazy in that sense (I've taken them all over the place. I take them everyday to and from work, etc.)

Just use common sense.

As I said, if you visit Carabobo state, PM me... I'd be glad to help. Venezuela is my adopted country, and I want everyone visiting to enjoy it as much as I have.


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Ok i dont recommend you to take the bus, i think that is a little bit dangerous because you dont know the place where you will be at the end.

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@ Lexi,
Airport Simon Bolivar IS Mayquetia

and please dont forget,what you as a Venezuelan local are able to do,like taking the bus from the Airport,since the bus stop is not right in front of the airport,is not really to be recommended to foreigners.
Better and safer to take a airport is not cheap,but it is a longer way to the center of Caracas.Maybe you find a second traveller where you could share the cost.
Be careful,Caracas is not the safest city.

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That's right, that's not safe for the foreigners, and of course, you say that you are an unexperience female traveller, yes, Maiquetia is the Airport Simon Bolivar and remember that Caracas is not the safest city, you must be very polite, watching everywhere.

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Hello again,

Oh yay... Simon Bolivar Apt = Maiquetia, lol. Good to know.

I'd listen to the people from Caracas, lol. As I said, I've not been there, or taken the busses there. It's just what has been reccomended to me

I AM a foreigner (USA) but I personally feel safe on the bus system in Venezuela. Could be different in Caracas. I don't know. Maybe Valencia is a lot different in the safety department ;)

Anyway, good luck! Just remember to enjoy the trip and don't be too put-off by warnings. A certain amount of fear is healthy, but don't let it keep you from enjoying an amazing country. :)