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Hello everyone on the forums! :D

Right i have £6500 to use for travelling. (after purchasing stuff i'll need) Realistically what could be done with this amount of money? How would you use it? I live in london. Im new to this and clueless Am i being naive in thinking thats enough?

I have no clue how to do this. Just for example one of the places i want to see is the pyraminds, do i just book a flight to cairo then find somewhere upon arrival? or how would you do it?

Im sorry for the stupid questions
I would like to know from you travel gurus how its done, as i can only think of doing it by package holiday kinda way.

And what also doesnt help is that theres so many places i want to see i just dont understand how... maybe i think too much and too nervous a person to be able to do this :(

Thankyou for any help offered :)

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£6500 is quite a lot and could get u pretty far! Is it backpacking that you wanted to do? Staying in hostels etc? It might be best to go and see a travel agent like STA and they'll be able to help you possibly plan a round the world trip.
Personally i book my first nights accommodation on arrival in the country but after that i just live day by day, move on when i feel like it, which i think most people tend to do.
Package holidays tend to be more expensive and quite restricting, I'd try and do it independently!
Its always nerve wracking, and nothing will stop those nerves.
It might be a good idea to do some online research or maybe buy the lonely planet guides, they're pretty good.
Another thing you could do that may help is to travel to a country that caters very well for backpackers (Australia/ New Zealand) to start with and that will help you get into things. Its very easy to travel in these countries and you'll get help left, right and centre. It'll build your confidence when moving on to another country that isnt so well catered for backpackers....
Hope that helps ;)

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wow thankyou for the lovely reply rach I will definately check out STA and yes i was thinking of hostelling around. Just the idea of a hostel seems slightly daunting just as ive never been in one before . ps i have sent you a private message.

Anyone elses input would be nice.

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Quoting henhen

wow thankyou for the lovely reply rach I will definately check out STA and yes i was thinking of hostelling around. Just the idea of a hostel seems slightly daunting just as ive never been in one before . ps i have sent you a private message.

Anyone elses input would be nice.

Hostels can be super nice, and in my experience they are in minority the dirty, shabby establishments you'd expect from the word "Hostel". Just be sure to ask to see the room before you say yes, if you don't like it go to the next place.
In places like S-America and Asia you mostly have bungalows by the beaches, and in many places you can option to sleep in temples, which is usually super cheap (I paid less for staying in a beautiful temple in Japan than a basic bungalow in Thailand).
Also in my option you shouldn't worry about hotels/hostels unless your arriving in the middle of the night, or need a local address to be let into the country (at least Japan and USA - prolly more) on a visa on arrival.
If you feel nervous when you land there's usually an official hotel desk at the airport that will help you find a room for the night. Just be sure to ignore the touts.

You should defineatly talk to STA about flights and maybe have a look around the internet for round the world tickets. I know the quote i got from STA was allot more than i ended up paying but their website gave me allot of ideas + the flight planners can help you make more sense of your flightroutes, which you want to minimize and keep as cheap as possible.
Consider flying into one place and flying out of another, many people fly to Malaysia and fly out of Thailand or vice versa for example. When I did Japan i flew into Fukuoka and out of Tokyo so I wouldn't have to cross the country two times as i wanted to go to Hiroshima and Kyoto.

Anyway this is getting long so the last thing that helped me when i was planning my trip: write down what places you really want to see and weed out the ones you think you'll have a chance to visit later - hey, you can't do it all in one trip. Take out the big atlas and try to imagine your route over the world, for me that's always what gets me excited :)
Also try to figure out what kind of trip you would like to have, are you a beach bum or a trekker or something else entierly? Do you want to dive, do extreme sports or learn a new skill, or even a language? Is there something you've always dreamt of doing?
Surf around the internet and see what places/countries offer the kind of things you want to do. Check out a Lonely Planet or a Rough Guide to get some ideas, it can also help you get an idea of how transportation works within a country - like where buses run, where you have trains and where you'd boat around + exit and entry points into neighbouring countries etc.

This should be a very exciting time, planning your trip. Try not to be nervous, you'll be more than fine! :)
I was in your shoes excatly a year ago (i started my trip march 1st), and i can't tell you how much my life has changed for the better :D

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Hello Henhen:)

How much u will need totally depends on where u travel.
For example in South East Asia £1000 can last u a month and half at least.
In Europe u would be lucky to stretch it over a third of that time.

Since u are an experienced traveller what about trying something a bit organised but adventurous at the same time like the following.

Otherwise choose a few destinations to consider.
Check the flight prices and then ask on these forums for advise on what it costs to travel there.
Then when u get some clue about which destination u prefer buy a Lonely Plane Guide for that destination and read all the advise in it. It will advise u about accomodation, costs, visas, safety, transport etc etc. These books also have suggested routes which may be useful to u. These books cost around 26 Euros each and are available in most bookshops around the world.

Here are some possibilities u could consider
A round the world plane ticket. There is a whole forum here on this site dedicated to these.
South East Asia
Mexico and Guatamala

Anyway keep asking us questions. That is a good way to discover how to travel before u try it.

And dont worry about the hostels. Nothing complicated about them. U book one on the internet and pay a deposit with your credit card. Then u show up and pay the rest. Then they point u to a room. Sometimes u choose a bed yourself. Other times they will give u a number and u take that bed. Bathrooms are shared and will be in the hall or attached to the room. Usually there are lockers for rent to put your valuables in. There is also usually a check out time u have to be out by. U can hang around the hostel and often leave your stuff there after u check out. There is usually a luggage room if u want to leave it there and collect it later.
Also u dont necessarily have to book the hostel on the internet. U can just show up and hope they have room for u if u want.


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I would recommend joining the Youth Hostel Association. In addition to being able to use their hostels worldwide, which generally aren't too bad, you can buy discounts on gear and tickets. For example, using my YHA card I bought 2 tickets on the Ghan which is a train that runs from Adelaide to Darwin in Australia for $50 instead of the normal $400.
BTW, you are elligible for YHA membership if under 55, if I recall correctly. I was 36 at the time of travelling.

As for how to plan your holidays, I spent a couple of months beforehand working out what to do and by the time we started travelling, had Australia planned out in detail. By the time I got to SE planning Asia and Europe, I had stopped bothering. It was slightly nerve-wracking to land in Saigon with only a room for 2 nights at the start and a room for tonights 3 weeks later. That being said, it was a fantastic time as we just did whatever we felt like. Spontaneity can be fun!