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Hi everyone,

if anyone has any advice or suggestions on this it would be much appreciated!I've just got back from a 12 month round the world trip and my head is spinning! I'm really at crossroads right now and can't decide what to do. I'm 23 and graduated from uni in 2005, and would really like to go travelling/working holiday again (once I've saved some money up - maybe 6 months down the line) but I'm worried that if and when I got back it would be even harder to enter the graduate job market than it would be right now because I had been away for so long. I went to Hong Kong, Oz, NZ, Mexico, America and Canada last time around working and travelling as I went along, and now I worry that if I go head first into a career now then I won't ever get a real opportunity to travel again without any commitments, especially when there is so many places I would still like to visit. I thought going away for 12 months might get the travelling itch out my system and get me ready for a career but all it has done is make me want to travel even more!

My degree was in business but I want to enter the construction job market, which would mean doing a masters conversion course which would take 1 or 2 years depending on if i studied full or part time. My concern for this is that maybe I would have spent too long out of education to get on a masters programme?

If anyone has been in a similar situation after coming back from travelling and has anything to offer please do so!


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I shouldn't have thought time out of study would be an issue. I started my Masters at 31, after having completed my Bachelors at about the age 23.

There are always ways and means to travel. My wife and I both threw in our jobs in Australia to head back to the UK, and used the opportunity to travel for 8 months. Both of us were over 30, and therefore were meant to be "responsible". Naturally, we both want to travel again when we can do (probably when we get the urge to go back to Australia!).

A friend of ours contracts for 6 months then travels for 6 months, and has been doing so for 7 years. Probably not the best of ideas for the long-term, but it could be worth considering with a bit more experience under your belt?


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well it looks like you want to travel now. why not you only live once. you can always build a career later, why not live life now then later, im the same age as you, im a cook so its probably easier for me to go out and travel, remember money and a career is not everything
live life and have fun

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Indeed, travelling doesn't stop you from having a career - some employers like people who have taken time out to do exciting things, and at your age I don't think you need to worry about getting too far behind.

Or you could find a career that lets you travel, and have the best of both worlds.