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Hi there,

I'm looking for people. who have already gone through this...

Two months ago I (age 20) came back from my year abroad
(NZ) and first I was supposed to stay at home for another year, before I'd go back to NZ. But now I will go back already in Dec, so that I can live with my boyfriend.
I've always enjoyed travelling and my parents have always supported me. They said that I should do all that stuff, when I'm still young.

They r also giving me their supprt right now, but still I can feel, that (specially mum) is sad, that her 'child' will go so far away...
She wont be able to just drop in for a cup of coffee or come and visit me whenever she'd like to (I think thats the main problem)

We have the best relationship anybody can imagine and I'm also very close to my brother. But nothings gonna change my mind (even not all the great job offers here, all the advantages we have...).

Who had the same/similar experience? Who left his homecountry at a very young age? R there any interesting/nice/exciting stories???

Looking forward to getting some replies ;)


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Hi Kathrin,

Well, I didn't leave home at that age but my folk moved to Australia when I was 18. Pesonally, I loved it to be quite honest. Then again, that's the other way around, my mom was a little different in her thoughts of course :) And we kind of knew it was going to happen for a while so there was some time to get used to the idea. Still, there are some times when you just wish your moms home cooking was on the table or you had someone to drop your laundry off at !!!

Anyway, I just left the Netherlands again about a year ago (that's more or less where I had been living since they left) and now live up in Norway. I love it. It's not too bad to adjust really, especially if the language is the same! And you will be going somewhere where you already have people you know which helps a ton too.....

The thing with parents usually is that you won't be living near them the rest of your life. And 20 is as good of an age as any to move away.... plus it gives your folks a good excuse to visit NZ (at least that's what my parents keep reminding me about Norway !)

By the way, I am now married to the girl I left NL for : good enough story?

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Thanks a million for ur post!

Thats what I tell verybody: u can come to NZ and then stay with me (for free, no hotels, backpackers etc.)
People dont get chances like that very often!

Moreover that u left for a girl...;)

I leave for the same reason- a crazy south african guy

have a good day

bye Kathrin