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Hi to all,

I have got all of my rtw flight prices back from STA, Tavel Nation an Round the world and am 99.99% sure am going to go with Travel Nation. The price is good, no fees to change flight dates/times and it is based on flying with Singapore airlines/Air New Zealand.

Just as a final check, anyone had any BAD experiences whilst using them?

So far Tim there has been super efficient and really helpful, would be interested in anyone elses experiences.



2. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

I haven't ever used that company seeing they aren't even where I live, but one thing I thought I should say is in regards to your comment about fees. As for if their is fees or not to change flights, that all depends on where you change it and what change you are wanting to make i.e if it requires your ticket to be re-issued it will cost no matter who you buy with.

If you were say in India somewhere and wanted to change your flight dates to leave earlier or later, then you may find someone at a travel agency who would be willing to change it for you but it would cost. Alternatively you could call the airline direct and if they are willing to deal with you then it would most likely be free if it was a simple date change. If you were to change dates before you left, then most places will charge you a fee as it is wasting the agencies time and in effect costing them money for the time your date change is wasting (and the phonecalls they have to make for you). By the sounds of it the place you are mentioning must be a very unusual place that obviously doesn't care about the fact they will end up bankrupt in a few years. I would check out the fine print with the conditions because usually things get hidden in some print. I know of one place in Australia that stated the same thing but in the fine print it says "before ticketing" so after ticketing it did cost money. For the average person the only time you would want to make a change was after the ticket is issued! I don't know if this is the case with the place you are talking about, but it may be so you will want to check the wording closely just incase.

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