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Just become single again..contemplating my first trip alone

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Just become single again..contemplating my first trip alone

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11. Posted by epiggy (Budding Member 10 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi all

Dont know if i really qualify for this thread but after an almsot blissful 3 years (and then a horrible horrible 8 months) life has told me its time to travel! going (from oz) india for a month, then overland through the usual route - pakistan iran turkey syria egypt greece balkans to edinborough and hopefully working there for a while

i guess like almost everyone else on this thread im feeling a little trepidatious heading out on my lonesome. went to italy in 2000 for a few weeks but this is my first 'real' trip alone. its scary hey? and deciding where to go is a nightmare. the other day i was thinking about whether to work in london or edinborough - they are two totally different cities and the decision came down essentially to a coin throw! its good to hear im not alone in feeling insecure; just if i walk up to you somewhere in my travels and say hi because i want some companionship, DONT IGNORE ME! lol are other ppl feeling nervous?

12. Posted by nykky (Full Member 76 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Nervous? That for me is an understatement Although I know once I get there I'll be fine...

I was chatting to my sister the other day and she said the funniest thing "As long as you don't start settling into Thai culture, wearing their little clothes and slippers oh & don't marry a Thai, you'll be ok....I didn't laugh, I was thinking how funny it was that she found these things off-putting and I was imagining myself dressed to the nines in little thai clothes, slippers with little Thai kids --- ok forget the latter but it did make me think how differently people (even family) tend to have an outlook on life.

So certain things people say in my company, even now, it kinda makes me feel good that I'm doing what I'm doing (or about to do)...At the end of the day whats wrong with enjoying other cultures, even settling into another culture - as long as your happy that is the main thing and never, ever settle for 2nd best!

I think I just lost the plot abit and don't actually think any of this relates to this thread but am sure a wee bit of it does!!!

Nykky x

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