Anyone has ever taken the ferry between LARNE and CAIMRYAN?

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I am in a bit of a situation and need to explain something before I ask what I need to know.
I thank in advance anyone who gets to read it all...

I live in London and am a musician. But now I am stuck in Brazil (i am Brazilian) because I went there to see my family and now I got refuse to get back in the UK. It happened at Heathrow airport. They just kicked my sorry ass back to Brazil because I didn't have a return(to Brazil) ticket with me and neither enough money to be a "tourist" in the UK so they sent me back.
Now I have to get back to London. I really have to as I have my life there, my flat, girlfriend and most importantly my band which is the best band I've ever played with and future in very bright for us.

So I devised a plan. First get a new passport. The old one with a big black cross on it I got in heathrow is not going to help. And I can't go via Heatrhow. Too hard even with a new passport, return ticket and enough money to prove I am a tourist. So I need a route where the passport control is more relaxed. I am going to Dublin then to Larne in N.Ireland and then I'll take the ferry to Caimryan. Then I should be free to get back to London.

So what I reeaally need to know is,

does anybody know a route by car or coach from Ireland into N.Ireland where the passport control seems a bit more relaxed, like on some smaller roads on the continent where the guard just looks at the passport and lets you go? or is it like at airports where they ask you a lot of questions?

What about the ferry between Larne and Caimryan? Is there passport control? What kind?

Sorry for the long questions guys but my whole life depend on it, literally!!! Any help is much apperciated...

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This is a simple answer - there is none.

Ive crossed the border between North & South numerous times and the only time we were ever stopped was during the troubles and the police were looking for guns etc not illegal immigrants and then when the foot and mouth outbreak occurred cars were stopped and disinfected.

On the ferries either from Larne to Cairnryan or Belfast to Stranraer again - never seen any passport control or immigration officers either. Havent been on the ferry in about a year but l still think there is none.

Dublin airport may be a different situation as there will be passport control and immigration - but again l cant comment as lve never experienced any problems nor would l expect too l guess.

Good luck with whatever you are trying to achieve.

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A similar thing just happened to my boyfriend at Dublin airport as we tried to board our plane to Canada via the U.S. When they swiped our passports, a huge "warning" came up and they took poor Neal aside for a "chat". Turns out that, because he didn't have a return ticket to the UK (where he's from) or proof that he's awaiting his Canadian visa, the U.S. considered him a risk and warned him that, upon landing, he would probably be detained, fined and sent home. However, we were able to fix the whole thing by buying him a ticket home for the end of the month (he was going back anyway - but so much for looking for a good deal!).

All to say, I don't know if it was Dublin airport that had the "catch-them-if-you-can" policy, or the U.S. Although I'd guess it was the latter.

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Don't get it. If you "live" in London presumably you are working there, and therefore why don't you get a work permit and a visa, or whatever it is you need to if that is what you want to do?

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Wow, thanks for all the answers. They are good news for me indeed!

About geting a work permit in the UK, in my case it is virtually impossible. I already been to two different lawyers in London, specialized in immigration. i do have a music degree from a very good school in Los Angeles but I have a Brazilian passport and for a music school to hire me they would have to prove to the Home Office that they'd placed adds for the job for 6 months (or was it 3? anyway...) before the Home Office would issue a work permit. So I make a living by teaching private guitar lessons and play in a Rock band.
I really like living in London, I think it's a wicked place, I have loads of friends, a girlfriend etc. I am sure that one day I will find a way to legalise my situation. Maybe my band will get signed and voila!

Anyway thanks for everybody who helped, I got the very answers I was looking for. I will commence now the preparations for the trip. It's geting bloody expensive, lol.
I will post again when I'm in London...

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You could just ask your girlfriend to marry you, if she is a UK citizen ;) Instant(ish) citizenship

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Marriege? I'm afraid I am alergic to marriege,lol...
No, just joking. Yes Angela, my girlfriend is English and of course I thought about it. It's just that we've been together for only about 7 months so it's a bit early to take that route with her but of course it is something to considere... anyway for the moment I have to get back to London ASAP and even the marriege route would take a while to consolidate.

Anyway, thanks once again for the info, special thanks to Purdy.
And if anyone wants any tips about Brazil please do not hesitate to ask me, I've travelled alot around here and know some cool things to do and places to visit that the regular tourist nevcer gets the chance to see. Brazil is an awesome place, kilometers of beachs, someplaces are so untouched that you have to see it to believe. And there is the Pantanal which is south of Amazon forest and is just breathtaking. And it isn't as violent as some people say, definitely not outside Rio or Sao Paulo...