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1. Posted by jadeverell (Respected Member 255 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I know this has probably been asked before, so sorry for repeating a few threads.

I just wanted some ideas of where i can book my RTW flight and prices that you guys have paid over the past 12 months.
I have just been in STA Travel and they have quoted me £1500 (Flight £900 / Tax £600!!!!!!!) for the following routes:

UK - NY - LA - Auckland (Overland) CHristshurch - Fiji - Sydney (overland) Cairns - Bangkok - UK


UK - Bangkok (Overland) Bali - Cairns (Overland) Melborne - NZ - UK

I thought that £1500 sounded very high for these routes and when i have checked other websites they seem to be quoting about £200 - £350 less.

If you dont mind me asking I just wanted to know how much I should be expecting to pay and where is the best place to buy the ticket.

Cheers Guys


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Taxes do sound a bit high for what you were asking about, but they may be trying to print your ticket on British Airways paper or some other airline that increases the tax. If they were to get it printed on American Airlines paper if you got the option going via New York and Los Angeles then it would reduce some of the taxes but then Los Angeles also is meant to be the 2nd most taxed airport in the world and Sydney the number one most taxed!

During the last month or so a lot of airlines are increasing taxes (especially Thai which increased one tax from Australia-Thailand the other week by some rediculous amount like $60US). That may also be what could be adding a lot to your taxes. I wouldn't have paid much more tax than that (in AUD) for a RTW ticket which included 20 flights and three of the top four most expensive airports in the world.

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Try Trailfinders - in my experience they have always quoted lower than STA.

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Give Travelnation.co.uk a try.

I've just got my RTW ticket from them - its much cheaper than STA, also you just have to pay £75 to reserve your seats, then the outstanding balance is due 10 weeks before departure.

Good luck & have an awesome trip :)