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help! lost of questions for first time im Oz!

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific help! lost of questions for first time im Oz!

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1. Posted by katie x (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

hey everyone!

me and my boyfriend are planning on travelling to australia in june for 3 months. we'd love to stay in sydney but melbourne or brisbane are also possibilities. we are both still in college and under 20 so dont have much experience in the work place! these are my questions! any help would be greatly appriciated!

1. is there any recruitment agencies that we could apply to for work?

2.what is the pay like over there?

3.if we were to rent an apartment what would the monthly rate be like and which suburbs in sydney would be central enough for work and playing on the beach;)?

4.what is the situation with the visas and how do you go about getting one? there any good rental sites i could look at for an apartment?

6.even thought its winter during june july and august, will it still be ok for swimming etc?? much roughly will we need for rent, food, socialising etc if we were to not get jobs?

i know there are alot of questions there but we want ot be really prepared for what will be an amazing 3 months!

any help with this would be realyl appriciated


2. Posted by Libbyjayne (Budding Member 35 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

U can apply for a working visa through STA Travel or u can apply through the australian visa bureau (cant remember the email-but if u type in australian working visa in google itll come up) Pretty straight forward to get a visa and well worth it, costs in the region of £150-£230ish! is a good website to find casual jobs whilst your out there or u could take ur CV out there with u and try around restaraunts/pubs etc. The pay is okay but the cost of living is higher so I would save as much money as u can before u get out there cos Accommodaion will be quite pricey aswell, especially if its only u and ur boyfriend sharing! Click on the accomodation tab on the left of this site and ull get a rough estimate of how expensive apartment accommodation is! Hope this helps a little?! x

3. Posted by Erik85 (Respected Member 274 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Sydney and Melbourne would both be quite expensive for accommodation, Brisbane I'd guess is a little bit less. Beach accommodation in Australia (especially those near the main cities) is not cheap!

As for swimming during winter, Melbourne is a definate no-no, Sydney might be ok-ish (I'd still say its low 20's Celcius most the time) and swimming in Brisbane would still be viable. The further north you go the more consistent and warmer the weather is during winter.

You may also want to consider Perth (western Australia), or, if you are in dire need for swimming, the Gold Coast (a bit north of Brisbane), and Cairns (far north of Brisbane) for working opportunities. Might not be as much work in these places although they are all still often visited by tourists, but accommodation would be cheaper however. Better off finding this out from a tourist or working holiday company.

The average meal in a restaurant would cost maybe $10-$25, a beer $3-$3.50 for a glass and $5-7$ for a small bottle. Of course if you had cooking facilities etc in your apartment then buying groceries/drinks in slabs would be a lot cheaper! I'd guess you might spend $40/day excluding accomodation to live in comfort (add more if you go out partying a lot). Could probably half this if you go cheap style!


4. Posted by katie x (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

thanks a mill they are jsut the tips i was looking for!

Ill probably be back on to you guys with more queries over the few months!

thanks again!!!

5. Posted by isnoo (Inactive 77 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi Katie,

My personal suggestions would be:

1) As you are only here for three months save as much money as you can before leaving and make it a real holiday.

2) If you are only going to stay for the three months don't waste your money on getting a working visa - it could be saved for another opportunity when you are able to stay for the full year. You will get to see far more of the country and over a longer period.

3) I would suggest you forget renting an apartment - the costs are astronomical! You would be spending all your money on rent alone....... It would be cheaper and more fun in a lot of ways to stay in Hostels. There are ways you can save money by "working for" the hostel you stay in - eg for room and board by assisting them with cleaning etc. Many hostels use backpackers for these jobs.

4) Unless you really have a reason to visit the bigger cities - I would suggest you choose the country instead. Preferably up north somewhere at the time you are thinking of travelling to Australia - it is THE time to see the far north. It is winter down south in June/July etc.

5) Of course you may also be travelling elsewhere on this trip away from home - you don't mention that. Soooo..... if you are, the above may actually be of more benefit to you - saving money for the rest of the world trip... and yet stil get to see some more of the country.

If I can assist you in anyway........ please message me.

Have fun planning your trip....... and HAVE FUN actually doing it!!:)

With regards