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planning a trip to asia this summer...been to thailand a few times so know the story there.. but really wanna go see vietnam and cambodia. can anyone recommend things worth doing and seeing and things that could be left out? also, are they arond same prices as thailand? sleeping,eatin, ravel etc?!

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Costs in VN & Cambodia are less than many cities in Thailand. I spent a month going from HaNoi to HCMC and never spent more than $10. That was an a/c room in HCMC. Most were in the $6-8 range. Food costs are very similar to Thailand. Transport is less expensive. I am a non smoking veggie and don't drink beer either. Boring I know, but my costs were around $600/month when in VN & Cam. Your costs may be higher, but they don't have to be.

I am going to send you a PM with route suggestions.

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Cambodia: Seam Reap, where Angkor Wat is (you have to visit this historic site) eat at the Red Piano and have Mekong River fish!!!!! Red Piano also has rooms across the street. Phnom Penh: Khmer Rouge prison and burial site. Watch "The Killing Fields" with Sam Waterston first. Vietnam: HCMC: must go to the Cu Chi tunnels (hope your not claustrophobic), and then visit the War and Remembrance Museum. Look up the backpackers areas and rates are very reasonable, like at Khaosan Rd. in Bangkok. Hue: DMZ tour and other sites of the war, Vin Mok tunnels, not as claustrophobic. Hanoi: Take a walking tour, see Ho Chi Min's tomb, the royal palace, and the "Hanoi Hilton" POW prison. Have a great trip.

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While answering you, I found this article.

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Veggie - bear in mind that most "veggie dishes in S.E. asia contain either fish sauce or Oyster sauce.

If you're going to Cambodia, take a stack of $1 (US) bills. THey love dollars there ans accept them all over the place, but you get change in Riels which are nigh-on impossible to change anywhere, so to avoid accumulating lots of unwanted change AND improve your bargaining position make sure you are well stocked with small denominations.