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1. Posted by Paul3879 (Respected Member 212 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Is PatPong night market any good? I have heard that they sell the same stuff as Koahsan Road and the prices are very high and you have to 'haggle' with them more?
Is it a case of too much hastle for more of the same thing?

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I agree that the prices in Patpong are much higher because there are many Farangs there at night especially Japanese and Arabs. Most of the things you find there can be found in Chatuchak and Suan Lum except for things like Porn Dvds and Dildos.

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Patpong full of fake tat. Best market is Chatachuk weekend market. If you particularly want to go to a night market, I would recommend Lumpini night market. It is at the Lumpini stadium where they have a large food court and a few bars and they usually have a few (rubbish) bands playing, so it's a nice atmosphere. There's a ferris wheel there too, if you're into that kind of thing... Of course, Khao san Road is open from about lunch time until the early hours, and it's v cheap there.

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THE best thing to do is to learn how to count in Thai and you will see the prices fall dramatically! I stayed in a hostel right by Patpong market so I walked through there everyday and I really enjoyed it and got some great bargains, especially after I learned the lingo a bit. The thais really appreciate you talking a bit of their language and the prices that they will go down to reflects this. Learn the language and haggle! Its great fun, the locals will love you and everyone is happy.

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I was in BKK last March and I stayed very close to the Patpong area. Since it was only about a block from my hotel I was there just about every night. Chatuchak Weekend Market is a MUST if you are there over the weekend as the prices there truely are better and it is just an amazing site to see if you are from a "westernized" country. However, as was stated before, if you know some Thai (I can speak a little and also a little Lao so I managed to get by fine with haggling) it will go a LONG way. A lot of American, European, and Japanese tourists go to Patpong at night since it is in the red light district so obviously the locals will try to charge higher prices as many people will just pay them since they are on holiday (and once Baht is converted to dollars or yen the price is still often cheaper than things in said tourists' home countries). They are more than happy to haggle on prices though and knowing at least some Thai will help dramatically. Knowing just how to say "expensive" (peang) and a few numbers should work out fine if you don't have time to learn a whole lot. Bangkok is a wonderful city with such a beautiful culture. I wish you the best of luck. Have fun!

P.S. I did not go to Kaosan Rd as it is mostly a backpackers area (and I'm not a backpacker...give me 4 stars over a hostel ANY day) however, many people do like it there so you may want to check it out also. My Thai friends have told me it's an interesting area to visit.