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I've heard the bars in Raval can be very cool to visit, specially around Macba (Joaquin Costa, Elisabets, Carme and Doctor Dou) and the one's close to Carrer Sant Pau: La Confitería, Sifó, Âmbar or Marsella. But a friend have just come back from the city and told me she couldn't find anything and that the area was deserted at night and that she was afraid of walking on the zone.

Can anyone tell me what days and times those areas are cool to visit?

We're a couple in our 30's and would accept suggestions of nice bars to go while in Barcelona, in february.



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I'm surprised she said it was deserted. I suppose it depends when she was there. Most places are closed on Sundays and some also on Mondays. Friday and Saturday are the main nights and other nights can be quiet. Also a lot of places will have been closed recently for the holidays (christmas doesn't really finish here till 6/7 Jan.

Also Barcelona isn't quite as much of a late night place as many people think, and a lot of bars close at midnight/1am or even before, depending on the type of place.

As for feeling unsafe, some parts of the Raval can feel a bit shifty, especially nearer to the port and the bit behind Rambla de Raval between C/Hospital and C/Sant Pau where there's quite a lot of prostitution. But it's really not that bad. Just keep a firm hold on bags and don't stumble around drunk late at night!

But generally there are loads of bars in the Raval and you should be able to find something you like. As you say, try the area around the Macba eg C/Angels, C/Valldonzella, C/Joaquin Costa, C/Ferlandina. Also on Rambla de Raval, C/Riera Alta and Riera Baixa.

The ones you mention are all good and quite different. What sort of bars are you looking for?

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I dont like raval or peole moving around either... the aerea called Born is much better for my taste... but everybody is different and ive met foreigners who loved Raval... so its you up, you can just have a look and if you dont like jus turn over and head another spot.

Marsella is a curious and nice place... it would suggest it.

good luck!! take care!!

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Hi, guys. Thanks.

I guess she was there after 1AM. Maybe that was it.

What kind of bars I'm looking for... I really don't know. I prefer a laid back atmosphere, I guess. I also would like to go to el Born at night. Any specific bars or streets you would recommend?

Thanks again.