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1. Posted by lucyone (Budding Member 10 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Maybe there excist another thread about spiders, but I couldn't find it, so here I go..
Everybodt knows that Australia have lots of spiders everywhere.
So, I wonder if there are lots of spiders in the cities, like Sydney. Off course there are many spiders in the outback, but I have no clue how it is in the city.

Kristine :)

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Despite what some people overseas may hear on the discovery channel (or where ever they must hear it), Australia is not over run by poisonous spiders, poisonous snakes etc that are going to kill every person who visits the country. Australia is not much more dangerous than any other place in the world for poisonous things. You are a chance of getting hit by a bus walking down the street, but unless you are really paranoid you aren't concerned about that risk. You have about the same risk of being bitten by a poisonous spider unless you deliberately go out of your way to try and squash them or pick them up with your bare hands! Huntsman spiders are about the most regular one that you are likely to come across and despite the fact they can get quite large, even if they bite you nothing happens other than briefly (like a couple of seconds) having a small bit that is sore. Depending on the weather huntsman spiders can come inside a bit, but not enough that you should worry about it.

If you are so scared about spiders go to a hypnotist and try and rid yourself of that phobia or try and be brave and conquer your fears by squashing them yourself (with tissue paper, a shoe or something like that). If you do this you can rid yourself of phobias instead of worrying yourself over nothing. I used to be scared a lot about snakes but after chopping a very venomous one in to half a dozen pieces that was in our yard, now as long as I have a shovel or something that I could flick them away with I am not scared at all of them (not that I would do a Steve Irwin and handle them). Don't worry yourself of pety little things like spiders!

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We had those redback spiders living in our backgarden in Perth.
Also seen them at petrol stations and such. They are there, but I think only about 1 person a year dies from them.

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I have some spiders in my backyard, particularly this time of year (Summer).

They are harmless, and just hang from a web between tree branches. It's not like you see them walking around your back garden or through the house.

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Hi Kristine

If you are asking this question because you are scared of spiders then please don't worry. I am from the UK and am REALLY REALLY scared of spiders.. to the point of hysteria

When I went to Australia I stayed in both the city, outback and on campsites along the coast. In total I think I saw about 3 spiders over 2 months...

one teeny tiny redback by a campsite BBQ that an Oz lady squashed for me - I didn't even know what it was!

one huntsman which was HUGE (about the size of a trantula) on the roof beam of a kitchen shed thing in the outback and it just sat there hanging out

one huntsman which was still big but not as big as the wanna be trantula.. this was the worst as it was in some campsite showers creeping up on me while I washed my hair.. I had to decide whether to flee with soapy hair or hope it didn't creep anymore.. I chose to stay and survived!

That's a bit long winded but what I'm getting at is that there are nowhere near as many as you think and even when they are there they are not intersted in you so don't worry.

Hope that helps a bit.


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Thank you for the answers.
And, Sophie, a hug to you!! :) I score high at the hysteria-level..
Trying to work through it, but it's easier said than done. It helped to hear from someone who knows how creepy it is.
So now that I have the best motivation to get rid of this fear I'm gonna do whatever it takes to become "healed" :)
Kristine :)

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Quoting lucyone

So now that I have the best motivation to get rid of this fear I'm gonna do whatever it takes to become "healed" :)
Kristine :)

like letting a Turantula crawl all over you hand and arm ... i hear its suppose to be quite an experience!

8. Posted by lucyone (Budding Member 10 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Djeeeez, I have seriously big trouble imaging me with a Turantula crawling over my arm,
but I guess that should be my goal.. ;)

9. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi Lucy!

I know this is going to sound quite strange, but it can be quite effective for some people. Have you thought about a session of hypnosis? The first thing people think of with hypnosis are the entertaining stage acts of making a group of people do stupid things.. But, hypno-therapy has become a very useful tool in medicine and psychiatry/psychology. It has proven extremely useful for people with "hysterical fears". It might be something to consider if your fear of spiders actually keeps you from doing particular activities or traveling certain places. I have no clue what a session would cost in Norway but it may be worth checking it out. Most reputable clinics will offer free consulation.

Isa now leaves so everyone can laugh at her suggestion... It's okay, I understand...

ps: Yes, I have been hypnotized and it was quite effective. (And I thought I was someone in which hypnotism would not work.)

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Just don't take a job picking bananas........;)