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1. Posted by makka (Respected Member 248 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

so basically during my trip to La im looking at greyhounding it up to Vegas for a short stay, and possible staying @ the 'Sin City Hostel' - which is described as the 'Only' hostel on the strip ... i was woundering if anyone has any experience with this place, good location, friendly service etc, clean etc??

also during my trip im looking at taking on a few daytime tours, like the Grand Canyon Helicopter ride & the Hoover Dam trip ... i googles them and loads come up with different prices but pretty much all seem to cover the same experience, so i was hoping someone on here who may have done some of the tours could recommend which ones to do??

plus if i was to stay @ the 'Sin City Hostel' - which would be the nearer 'Hotel' to book these tours with and get picked up from?

many thanks!

2. Posted by makka (Respected Member 248 posts) 13y Star this if you like it! <---- heres the Hostel i was reffering to!

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we visited LV for 4 days last July and we stayed in one of the downtown hotel ($50 pd for 1 big room with insuite bathroom)...we booked with looktours and we went one day to the Hoover Dam and one day to the North Rim. The bus came and picked us up at 5:30 am at the hotel for the Grand Canyon tour and 8 am for the Hoover Dam. On the whole we enjoyed the tours. I believe the Sin Hostel is somewhere between the Strip and the downtown area. The nearest hotel on the strip to Sin Hostel will be the Stratosphere. You could get a cab from Sin City to Stratosphere...the city is buzzing each day from 4 a.m onwards. The Grand Canyon trip was spectacular and majestic.. though the trip from LV to the Canyon was about 5 hours or so and back...Have a good trip to LV

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Seriously if you're going to Vegas you can do better than a hostel - really decent motel rooms can be had for as little as $35/night. I haven't personally stayed at either of the Vegas hostels (as far as I know, there is only 2 cos there's so many other cheap accommodation options), but I haven't really heard good things about either of them. I'd recommend you look for a motel off (but close by) to the Strip. The added comfort, cleanliness and privacy will make it worth it when you're stumbling in early in the morning ;) Oh, and I definitely recommend the helicopter tour over Grand Canyon - awesome views, just remember to put down your camera and enjoy the ride in "real-time" too lol!!

5. Posted by makka (Respected Member 248 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

thanks waterton88 - info was ideal ... not to amped about being on a coach for 5hrs for the helicopter tour - but hey i'll deal with it ... like everyone keeps saying - it'll be worth it once i see the views, just hope the weather is on my side!!

monkee with the Motels should i google some or just turn up and have alook around and just ask for the 'walk in' price ... or do u know of any you have experienced that you could recomend?

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I was in Vegas last weekend. Paid about $36 for a room on a Saturday night at the Plaza. Its downtown rather than on the strip, but was pretty good value for money. Its also right by Freemont Street. I understand the rates get much cheaper Sunday - Thursday too.

We walked past the Sin City Hostel. Not the most glamourous looking place from the outside, and sort of in the middle of nowhere (around the wedding chapel district, from memory).

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the helicopter sounds cool but if you are going there seriously look into the price of taking a guided tour through parts of the grand canyon as well. From what I hear the grand canyon is this awesome awesome spectacle that is ruined by tons and tons of tourists. I met a guy from vegas before and he recommended looking for guided tours that take a small handful of people on hikes into the canyon.

as for vegas...look for a motel. that way you can lock up your stuff and take a day or two to take in the city. And if you are going with a significant other then splurge and get a nice hotel room for a night, you won't regret it, splurge and see a few shows...cirque du soleil maybe? those are awesome. and go to an all you can eat buffet. then hit a club or a bar and get plastered.

you don't go to vegas to be cheap, but you also don't go to vegas for too long.

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Several posts have mentioned how cheap the rooms in Vegas can be at decent hotels.

True, but with a caveat. Mid-week is cheaper than weekends and holiday weekends are the most expensive. For example, next weekend (Jan. 18 - Jan. 21) is the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and a lot of people have that Monday off. Try finding those $35 rates for these days! (They were available last weekend).

Also rates go up with major conventions. Can't figure out why mid-week rates are so high? Probably a Vegas convention, like the CES show that just ended.

9. Posted by Calcruzer (Travel Guru 2007 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

CES (consumer electronics show) Convention is the most attended convention in the world. Vegas has probably 200,000 hotel rooms (hard to believe, I know), but all of them are booked whenever the CES comes to town. You definitely don't want to be there then. $35 rooms go for $180/night that week.