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Hey there, I am a 23 year old wanting to travel for a year from Sep 2008. I am planning on booking a TEFL course next month in the hope of getting a teaching job abroad but need help on this matter as i do not hold a university degree. I have a diploma from a private college but wonder if there is anywhere that will hire you without a degree. I would love to live abroad longterm 6months- 1 Year, then maybe travel for a few months.can anybody help?? please :) or does anyone know of any longterm volunteer projects that do not cost much, or you get accomodation food etc in return for work? thanks! Natasha

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Hi there! You'll have a great experience as an English teacher, whether volunteer or paid.

If you skip to the next page on this forum, you'll see a message I posted on the topic. I was a volunteer in Borneo last summer. I was provided with fabulous free lodging and meals for the duration of my service. This is quite rare; most volunteer organizations charge hefty fees! I know there are many opportunities for paid teaching positions in Asia. I met people who did this with TEFL Certificates from online programs, but I don't know if they had university degrees in addition.

I have sent you a separate message with details.

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There are some longterm volunteer teaching programs that charge no fees and provide free basic accommodation.
Here are some examples:

www.cofradiaschool.com (Honduras)
www.becaschools.org (Honduras)
www.casa-guatemala.org (Guatemala)
www.casadocaminhobrasil.org (Brazil)
http://ayni.footboot.net (Peru)
www.projectoninos.org (Costa Rica)
www.voluntariosesperanza.org (Chile)
- note that some of these programs require decent language (Spanish or Portuguese) skills:

There are many more free & low-cost volunteer options in South & Central America listed here: