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1. Posted by ben_p (Budding Member 17 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

hi there,
I'm going to South Africa this Feb and thinking about taking a quick trip to Lesotho-just for 2 weeks or so.
Anyone been there? Got news? Got tips? Wanna share some experience and/or pics?
I'd appreciate!


2. Posted by jekalo (Full Member 118 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi Ben,
2 weeks is probably a week to long for Lesotho. It is small with limited access and very limited tourist/travel facilities. Some people go there to visit the highest pub in Africa which is on the way up from the Underburg. Nice mountain scenery but not a whole lot to do otherwise. In the winter months there is the possibility for skiing. You will need a rental car to visit unless you go with the very few tour groups that go there and most S.A. rental companies allow border crossing into Lesotho. There are lots of nice national parks on the northeast, northwest and eastern borders on the S.A. side if you enjoy that type of experience. I had a friend who lived there several years ago and didn't find the experience all that enjoyable and at that time there was sporadic violence, gunfire and such but that may have all been settled by now. Send a post about your experience when you finish, I was thinking of doing a day trip from Ficksburg next June when I visit there. Let us know if it is worth spending more time there.

3. Posted by Rethabile (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

2 weeks is probably a week to long for Lesotho.

That depends on who you are, and what you want to do, or not do. For some people, a year isn't enough for Lesotho, and two weeks is too much for South Africa.

There is nothing much to see in Maseru. Nothing to do apart from visiting hotels and casinos. But outside Maseru, there's things going on:

[*]Malealea Lodge offers pony trekking excursions, which is a special way of seeing the Maluti mountains and the flowing escarpments of Lesotho. Their website is http://www.malealea.com. On these excursions you get to visit several waterfalls, including the highest waterfall in southern Africa, Bushman cave paintings and others. They can go from a day to 6 days. other things in Malealea to do are visit a sangoma (traditional doctor), and listen to a local band. An interesting link about the band is a 2003 BBC article. That easily takes care of your week, and I haven't even started on the other possibilities.

[*]A website says, about the Sehlabathebe National park,

Lesotho's only national park, Sehlabathebe, embraces 6500 hectares in the south-eastern corner of this mountain kingdom. The park, which is under the auspices of the National Park Section of the Department of Conservation and Forestry, was proclaimed in 1981. Its rolling green hills rise up to basalt peaks which top 3000m.

Small numbers of eland, oribi, baboon, Black-backed jackal, wild cat and otter roam the grasslands. Its also an excellent place to see the rare Bearded vulture, or lammergeier, and the Wattled crane. Its most famous resident is, however, the small minnow-like fish, Oreodaimon quathlambae, a species which was thought to be extinct until it was found in the chilly waters of the Tsoelinkana River.

[*]Then there's Morija, with its history (The first missionaries were settled there by King Moshoeshoe I) and museum. The curch that the missionaries built is still standing, and still in use. Morija is Lesotho's knowledge centre, and produced most of its elite, including the author Thomas Mofolo (He wrote "Chaka," the story of the king of the Zulus). While in Morija you can stay at the Morija Guest House, and also visit the Royal village, Matsieng.

[*]There are also dinosaur footprints to see (notably in the town of Moyeni), as Lesotho was home to Lesothosaurus, a herbivorous, fast-running dino. There's Semonkong (the place of smoke), Thabana Ntlenyana (beautiful, little mountain) at 3482m, the highest peak in southern Africa, etc. Visit this site, and this one. And email me if you need more information. I don't think I'm allowed to post my email address here, but Google me and on my sites you'll find my email address. Have a great time in Lesotho.

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have to agree with the last poster that Lesotho is the Jewel "literally" In South Africa...

We loved it and the political tensions of their all encompassing neighbours are not apparent.

We spent 6 or 7 days there and drove there ourselves with a hire car. The companies let you do that.

Check out our blog if you want to see some pictures etc. and read about our time there


If you can{t be arsed reading the blog, then check out the web sites above and I can recommend the Malealea Lodge highly !

The Owner is brilliant.

You can also drive around the country... however... the roads aren't brilliant on the East Side.

Anyway, definately recommend you go and as for the rubbish about shooting etc..... Ignore it. We felt safer in Lesotho than in any part of South Africa (Including Cape Town !!!)


5. Posted by TnT (Budding Member 5 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi Ben,

I don't have a lot to add anymore to all the information that U allready got.
But I definitly want to reasure U that Lesotho is worth a visit. We drove through it by Toyota Landcruiser.
We drove from Maseru (entering by Bloemfontein) to Sanipass in the east and than down into the Transkei (South-Africa).
It was beautiful and amazing.
U can easily do the trip with a rental CHICO (= South-African Volkswagen Golf I) if U are a bit of a driver. If U have the budget for a 4X4, then yet another side of Lesotho will open up for you.
We had no bad encounters or experiences at all ! The people, nature and the culture are great. Suthus are really the proud mountain-kingdom inhabitants.

For us, after driving down from Belgium to Cape Town (check http://www.route-tnt.be ) and being in SA for over a year now, we had again the experience of being in THE REAL AFRICA again, which does it for us.

We wish u a great time in Lesotho

Tom and Tessy