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Hi everyone.
I'm brand new to travelling this part of the world so I was wondering if someone could give me some info :)

I'm expecting my first baby to be born this summer, but I'm not ready to pack my travel gear and stay at home so I've been thinking of trying to adapt my travels so that I can take my baby along.
I'm really interested in going on a trip next Christmas, my baby would be 6 months old, and my mom would be coming along both for company and to babysit when I'd need it.

Now the big ? in my mind is what is a good place to take a baby, a backpacker and a grandma - where everybody can enjoy themselfes??

We'd like to stay somewhere that has a beautiful beach and a safe family friendly hotel - but isin't too touristy and developed. A big plus would also be somewhere that I can easily take fun day trips (independently or with a group, hikes and such) and/or has good diving.
My mom and I would both love to be somewhere that has great food and a lively culture.

What place does this sound like? :)

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any help I can get with this :)

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Hi there!

First of all, congratulations in becoming a mummy! im sure that even though is gonna change your "backpacking" life, you will be able to find a way around it!

Now my advise: I was an air hostess for a tour operator ariline for 4years, and i have seen lots of people with newly born babies going on holidays, to everywhere in the world we travelled too. So from that point of view, i must say, the long haul flights were not always the best decision. As you know the flights are always a pain, even for the grown ups! but babies didnt particularly liked the experiences (no need to say that passengers around the crying baby didnt either!) and of course the parents were already stressed when they got to the resort, and dreading the flight back days in advance! I always found that families with babies travelling in shorter flights enjoyed the experience a lot more.
I know that for a backpacker the idea to travel to the canaries for example might seem outrageous, where is the exotic in there? but i can assure you that places like that are worth taking into account. Also tunisia, turkey, red sea riviera or such. You will get the good weather, the adventure if you want it, the safety and facilities for families and a flight no longer than 5hs (well, from th UK i speak, maybe a bit more from iceland!) and you can escape the horrendous touristy areas if you want to, trust me!

And then, maybe in a few years you could travel to caribbean or mexico with your child, and it would enjoy it a lot more than as a baby, and the money will be better spend (also will enjoy the inflight entertainment!)

If you still fancy caribbean, well, pretty much any island will offer similar things. I would probably skip jamaica, as a less child friendly island, also cuba is completely differnt in many aspects to the rest, and in the caribbean by far my favourite place. Antigua is very family friendly, but i would say for kids more than babies, but it is a popular choice with families..!! Mexican coast is also a good one.

Hope this helps! and good luck with everything!!

x xMiriamx x

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I agree with Miromar totaly with regard to long haul flights and babies. If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-track holiday that is close why not try balkans (Serbia/ macedonia and Bosnia in particular since Croatian coast is too turisty already). You have cities that offer a lot in terms of both culture and enjoyment (Belgrade has an amazing party scene). The whole country is worth seeing since it has outstanding landscapes with mountains that offer very exciting tracking. lake swimming, white water rafting close to Montenegro etc.). It is relatively close to Iceland and the people are very welcoming and it is still very very safe.

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hehe, thanks guys but there's no way i'm spening my money on more europe travels - been there, done that.
And yes, I would rather throw myself off a cliff rather than to spend more time in the Canaries :)

I don't intend on making the flight in one go, we would fly from iceland to the states and from the states to the island. I'm not concerned for the flight as I've spoken to allot of moms that have taken young babies to places like America and Australia - the stories are as different as the babies.
Also this is something I'll have to get used to as we'r moving to Australia in a couple of years to go to university, and we'll be flying back and forth at least 1 - 2 times a year.
Also I've spoken to both a doctor and a midwife about this and they say babies can get the travel vaccinations as young as 3 months old.

So thanks for the concern but I've allready pondered that half of the question. I really just need some ideas for places so I can do more research :)

Edit: and also we'r thinking of staying well into january, making the trip 3 or 4 weeks. I can see how it would sound silly to take a baby on such a long trip for just the Christmas vacation

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