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I am 52 just about to sell my home and leave my husband of 25 years. I dont want to be boring and simply buy a house get a job and exist I want an adventure. I hope to include a few friends along the way but some have a lot to lose by giving up work and travelling so may only have thier company for three months max. I have nothing to lose so want to travel for at least a year. please someone tell me its ok to be 53 as i imagine most travellers will be a lot younger. Also advice on where to begin . I do have my own idea of sailing to new york and then working my way around america before entering south america. I have no idea of climate or right times to arrive in countries plan to look at individual countries as and when I am ready to arrive in them.I have no idea as to how much my trip will cost I am prepared to work if i can but have no obvious qualifications .

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Remember the motto: If you think you can, then you can! Travelling has nothing to do with age and everything to do with just getting up and going. You'll meet people of all ages when you're away, and you'll be connected to them not through how old they are but what you have in common: the big travel adventure. Kudos to you for thinking big and deciding to live your dream! That's more than a lot of 20 year olds could ever hope to do.

You're already off to a good start - you know what you want to do and have an idea of where you want to visit. Research the places you want to see, look into what kind of sailing you want to do (cruise ship? helping to man a sailboat?), and see how you can best stretch the budget you have. And ask away - there's lots of people here who can help.

Congrats and enjoy!

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Hi lindadean,
you dont have to be scared to travel,you will do fine.Never to old to start a new life,there are older travellers around then you(I am )
The most scary thing(for many people) you have already mastered,to get out of a 25 year marriage!!
At your first travel alone maybe you will feel a bit helpless,but this will change fast,you will be proud of yourself because you will recognize that you are able to do all by yourself.
wish you wonderful trips

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Start with good only travel guide books to get an idea of the basics, then forums to reach out to meet people on the way and get more valuable insights. But good on you, age isnt a barrier. Your decisions maybe, but age definitely isnt!

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Linda - it's okay to be 53. I've made it all the way to 54!

Seriously, you will be just fine and 25 years of marriage takes a whole lot more work than traveling so now you can relax and enjoy. There are quite a few members in our same age group who are planning or are in the middle of their travels. They have sold their houses, packed their clothes and gotten on with thier life. I think you will find reading this member's profile and travel blogs quite interesting. Clarie (baluba) is off again in Madagascar (or somewhere similar) on a volunteer project. I don't think she's been home for longer than to wash her clothes and pack again.

Both Marlis and Tina are correct - you've already taken the biggest steps and age really has little to do with travel. You're as young as you feel. Through our travels and being part of this website, my husband and I have met some absolutely wonderful people. It definitely comes down to commonality rather than age because our friends now range from 18 to 88 (or thereabouts).

Sell the house, pack your bags, wave good bye and enjoy your life!!! ;)

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I think its quite inspirational that you're gonna take such a major life change :) I'm a young traveller but I have met many travellers your age. They're always popular cos everyone wants to know their "story"!!