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We am planning a six month trip to South America. Country we wanna go to are Costa Rica, Equador (with Galapagos), Peru, Bolivia, Chili, Patagonie (yeah, i know it not a country), Argentina and brasil.

The question is if i should bring my 80-200 2.8 lens. Its kinda a big but i dont wanna miss the zoom options. If i do not bring this lens my biggest zoom is 105mm.

My other equipment will be:
nikon f70
28-105mm 3.5
24mm 2.8
maybe my 85 1.8mm
small tripod (i have a real cool one)

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I think it all depends of what you are gone do.

On my last trip to india i only carryed my 28-135 and that worked well for me. But i always take my 1.4 converter so that i can have a little bit more zoom if i need to.

I would take the little tripod but am not so sure about the flash. If you need a flash you can always use the one that is build in.

If you are gone expect to take photo's of animals in the rainforest then i would take your 200mm.

And if you gone see lot's of views then i would go for more wideangel then you 24mm can provide.

Have a nice trip


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Sigma make a compact 28 to 300mm lens. I am going around the world at the beginning of Oct for a year and this is all I am taking with me...with of course my camera body and a few filters. Its a lovely lens and cost in the region of £200.

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im heading overland later this year and im planning on taking teh nikon VR 24-120 f4 on my Fuji s2. it means a zoom from 36-180, and it has a pretty slow maximum aperture. but with the vibration reduction thingy (VR) i can bring my camera speed right down to about 1/75 and everything is still clear. im planning on taping it to my camera body as well, i hate dust and it hates me lol..thats the only problem with taking so many lenses; im heading to india and i can just imagine getting dust through ALL my lenses. at least im digital so photoshop can get rid of it. but if you are using film.......

good luck whatever you take and let us know how it works out!