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I am new to this forum and found it trying to get more information about driving from Argentina to the United States. We are 16 months into a multi-year, open ended trip around the world and have spent all of that so far in Europe, Turkey and Morocco ( www.soultravelers3.com ). We are a family of 3 and our daughter was 5 when we started and just turned 7.

In a year or two we will leave Europe and we are thinking about taking our RV ( 98 Ford Rimor with Holland plates etc) and shipping it to South Africa, traveling there and other countries in Africa for a while, then shipping it to Argentina and slowly working our way up to the U.S.

So far I think that will be pretty easy to South Africa, but I need info on South America and how to do that. I know a family from France that traveled around the world in an RV for four years on a total of 1500 euros (including shipping and flight costs) so they are part of my inspiration, but they do not speak English and I do not speak French. I would love to find an English speaking person or family that has experience with this kind of a trip.

We originally thought about just selling the small RV when we left Europe, but it is such a great way to travel as a family ( no packing and unpacking etc) that we would love to continue this trend if it is feasible. If we can not do it in South America as well as South Africa, then it is not feasible.

We are not adverse to putting it on ferries or cargo etc as we have done lots of this in Europe for great distances and find it actually saves money for our kind of sloooooooow travel. ( I have heard that Equador to Panama is one way to get a cheap cargo ship and by pass some more dangerous places....but I am still at the very beginning of this research and am fairly clueless at this point). We do know some people in Argentina, Columbia, Brazil & Uruguay and my husband and daughter are fairly fluent.

Obviously with a child, safety is the utmost importance to us.

Any btdt experience here or URL's that might be useful to me?

Thanks so much in advance!

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im sorry i cant help you with your plans, cause unfortunately i havent done such an amazing thig as you are doing! But I can tell you it is possible, I met a couple in Punta Arenas (chilean patagonia) from switzerland, they had a map outside their RV showing where they've been so far in their 3 and a half year trip around the world, and they shipped the RV from australia to Chile I think, and then had been travelling around for a while in the continent without troubles! So it can be done! They had a website, but i cant remember it! maybe if you google it you'll find it?? They spoke english, so they might be able to help!

Good luck with your plans, i hope everything workd out well!

x x Miriam x x

Ps. did the french family travelled for 4years for 1500euros??????????? or is it a mistake??

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Thanks Miriam, that is good to hear! I have looked for their website, but so far have not found it. I found another great website with lots of GPS locations for camping in central and south America which will be very handy.

I wonder if the Swiss couple followed anything from the French family as I think they also went from Australia to South America...perhaps coincidence.

Here is that French families website if any one else might have interest in this topic:


I am sorry I was not clear on what they spent. They spent a 1000 euros a month on their trip, but if one adds in all costs ( shipping RV & all flights) it comes to a total of 1500 euros a month....which is amazingly cheap for a family of four. ( Sorry I forgot earlier to include that very important "per month" to the sentence....NOT for four whole years).

Traveling very slow and living like a native ( & carrying your lodging with you ;) ) is a very cheap way to live for a family ( but not 1500 for four years cheap...lol). We also spend very little, but not quite as low as them ( of course we have been in Europe the whole time so far).

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hi again!

thanks for the info! I thought, god! if all they spent on that trip was 1500euros im going to do it too!!! :D

Im really sorry I cant remember the address of that couple, I have looked at the french family website, and they were doing something similar, yes, but the way around, starting in europe then onto asia, australia and then southamerica, where i met them. Also they didnt have any children travelling with them as far as I know, but even if they were in different circumstances, Im sure it would be a valuable source of info to find them! I wish I made a note of the web now!!

I have also had a look at your website, and just wanted to say congratulations for making the decision to take this trip, the experience you and your family are living (and all that it is to come!!) is priceless, and im sure that if you have come this far, you will find a way to enjoy southamerica in your RV, with no problems, is such an amazing continent!

Hope you find what you are looking for, and also im glad to see you decided in andalucia for your base in europe. Even though i live in the UK im originally from granada, and it is nice to see people coming from so far and appreciating our way of life!!

Take care

x x Miriam x x

PS. I will try to search for that website, sometimes my memory works if I push it a bit! :D

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yes we REALLY love Andalucia and it has become our home away from home. It will be very sad when we do not come back here to winter. I have a feeling we will be back though someway as this village has a special place in our hearts. We are not too far from Grananda!

It is funny that our best friends here, we met online before we left through a piano website forum because we were trying to decide what digital piano to take with us so that my daughter could continue her lessons ( via internet) & practice as we travel. ( The man where we bought the RV thought we were nuts!...but it works for us & her teacher is in Chicago!!).

Anyway it turned out that they live in Malaga which is the other city we are some what close to. He is from Cordoba Spain and she is from Cordoba Argentina and they met in the UK! My Spanish is not good like my husbands and child's so it has been really a blessing for us to have them as friends.

It is funny though, she has more fears about Argentina than people who travel there.

yes, we do feel so lucky and blessed to be able to take this journey.

If you remember that website...please pass it on!