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1. Posted by Mr. M (Budding Member 4 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hello everyone, btw this is an awsome website

I plan to go to Japan in Feburary to March and I want travel and cover all Japan if possible in 28 Days....
I have already booked a flight and bought JR passes including flights to Okinawa.
But, I having trouble deciding how I should set up a good itineraries. I know I want start from Okinawa then move
my way up to Hokkaido then back to Tokyo then back home.

Any suggestions are all welcome, I thought it would be smarter to ask for an advice from experienced travellers.



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hey whats up.
well 28 days is a very short time to travel all of japan, 2 things i would suggest is to take your flight in to tokyo and fly out of osaka or kyoto
and another thing i would choose 3 or 4 cities that really interest you instead of tryin to visit most of the country, whats the point of getting the feeling of one citie for a day or 2 then movin on, i love stayin in the same generl area for 5-6 days gives you more time to check tings out,

if possible go for 2 monoths cancel your jr rail pass and take the bus system, you usually get good deals for night trips, take hostels or cheap motels/hotels. i think for what you wanna do 2 months would be better then 28 days
and take a ferrie to okinawa theres some food for thought hope that helps

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Thanks Dave, I will consider everything you have posted for me. The reason for 28 days is that I have just about a month to stay in Japan. The thought of staying only two to one each cities seemed not a fun way to go. As you are saying 3 to 4 days is much better but I still want to travel Japan from one end to the other. Which cities do you recommend is a must visit? I know Kyoto is for sure,


Mr. M

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How about this, Dave

32 Days in Japan,

Arrive Tokyo 1 day, fly to Hokkaido
Hokkaido 3 days: Sapporo, Lake Toya, Noboribetsu
Take of an nite bus to Kanto area
Nikko 2 days,
Kamakura 2 days,
Tokyo 4 to 5 days,
Then move on to Kansai area,
Osaka 2 days,
Kyoto 4 to 5 days,
Nara 1 day,
Himeji 1 day,
Then move on to Chukoku Area,
Hiroshima 3 to 4 days,
Miyajima 2 to 3 days,
and maybe Naoshima because to check out Tadao Ando's work
Then move on to Kyushu at
Nagasaki 2 days,
Finally at Okinawa for 5 days
Then back to Tokyo

hmmm how many days are there counting,,,,, ah 32 to 37 days,,,,, hmmm maybe I should quit my job and stay longer damn it

Not easy not easy

5. Posted by dajaga (Budding Member 27 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

well i havnt been to japan yet, but i think it kinda sucks to travel to a city to only stay there for 2 days and you gotta pack up and go, just as soon as you see something good, here is how i would probably do it,
also remember never go by your itinerary to the dot, youll always want to do something else.

aircanada can fly from vancouver to sapporo for the same price to fly into tokyo so i would go to sapporo save a day of travelling.
Arrive Tokyo 1 day, fly to Hokkaido
Hokkaido 5 days: Sapporo, Lake Toya, Noboribetsu
Take of an nite bus to Kanto area
Tokyo 4 to 5 days,
Then move on to Kansai area,
Kyoto 4 to 5 days,
skip osaka for now
Nara 4 day,
Then move on to Chukoku Area,
Hiroshima 4 days,
Then move on to Kyushu at
Nagasaki 4 days,
Finally at Okinawa for 5 days
i would go take the osaka international airport and spend 5 days there

this would let ou visit most of the big cities and if possible weather its your time or budget you should try and expand it by 10 days for detours

thats my opinion

6. Posted by wotthefiqh (Inactive 1447 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

My wife and I spent 5 weeks in Japan last September/October.

If you want to see outlying parts of Japan pretty cheaply, check out

It gives info on discount domestic airfares on JAL and ANA for overseas visitors to Japan, and it gets better if you are
flying into Japan on a 'oneworld' or 'star alliance' airline.
Well worth a look.

As JAL is a member of oneworld (we flew into Japan on alliance member
QANTAS), my wife and I got one-way tickets to Naha (Okinawa) from Tokyo for about
$105 Aussie dollars (10,000 Yen). I think the normal airfare would have
been about $400 AUD.

My wife and I did Tokyo-Okinawa-Miyazaki-Kagoshima-Oita/Beppu-Tokushima-Himeji (4 hour castle visit)-Kyoto-Takayama-Matsumoto-Mt. Fuji-Tokyo.

Found this historical weather data from 2007. Very cold in Sapporo to warm in Okinawa. Snow clothes and beach clothes.

sapporo (feb) - http://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/RJCC/2007/2/21/MonthlyHistory.html

sapporo (march) - http://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/RJCC/2007/3/21/MonthlyHistory.html

naha (feb) - http://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/RJCC/2007/3/21/MonthlyHistory.html

naha (march) - http://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/ROAH/2007/3/21/MonthlyHistory.html

Our idea was to spend 3-4 days in Okinawa spending daytrips to Zamami
and Tokashiki islands for R&R and lots of snorkelling (these islands
were great!!!). Lost of WWII things to see on Okinawa if interested, along with Shuri Castle which had to be rebuilt totally after the war.
Stayed in Kagoshima for 2 days. Ferried over to Sakurajima volcano, hired bikes and cycled around part of the volcano's base. Wicked sculpture we came across (in my photos) and quite impressed by being that close to an active volcano.
Trained from Kagoshima to Oita (north coast Kyushu) via the caldera of Mt. Aso. Stayed in Oita rather than Beppu because our boat through the Inland Sea to Matsuyama (on Shikoku) left Oita pretty early in the morning.
Trained (using railpass) Matsuyama to Tokushima and stayed there for 3 nights. Spent one day at Naruto whirlpools and another in the Iya Valley (should have stayed overnight as only had about 4 hours to enjoy it). Really liked Tokushima.
Railpassed Tokushima to Himeji and stopped for about 4 hours for the castle and lunch. The castle is one of the major sights of Japan but you can easily do it in a few hours. Back on JR and off to Kyoto which was amazing. Did dinner in upstairs outdoors restaurant in Gion which wasn't cheap but what the hell. Next day did the LP walking tour of shrines/temples followed by the Gion walking tour at dusk and night. Next day was visiting Nijo-jo, the Golden Pavilion and the Silver Pavilion before leaving the next morning for Takayama in the Japanese Alps. Stayed 2 nights (nice town with old architecture and some nice temples) then bussed through Alps to Matsumoto for the medieval castle (almost rivals Himeji) and the Ukiyoe museum (great).
Railpassed down to Otski and private train to Kawaguchi-ko train station at base of Fuji. Had booked the Sunnide Hotel ($130 AUD double room) but it does cheaper for backpackers (about $80 AUD, I think).
Great views of Fuji and the lake. Climbed part of Fuji which was a life-long ambition of mine. Bussed down to the coast then railpassed back to Tokyo for our remaining 3 days.

You could fly American Airlines (oneworld partner) from LAX to Tokyo then get the ultra-cheap airfare from JAL (as mentioned above) to Naha. Taking the ferry back to the mainland in Feb might be a bit too cool and maybe even rough. I would get another cheap flight from JAL to Kagoshima and work my way up to Miyajima from there. Beppu is a pretty good place for hot spring bathing (try the mixed nude open-air mud baths if used in winter).
I did Hiroshima in 83 and I reckon 2 days would be enough. Don't know about Nagasaki. One nuked city was enough for me.


Fly into Tokyo and straight to Sapporo (one sector so 10,000 Yen). Three days there than fly to Naha via Tokyo or Osaka (that would be two sectors on JAL so 20,000 Yen I believe). Four days in Okinawa then fly to Kagoshima (one sector so 10,000 Yen). Two days there then activate your JR pass and off you go.
All up that should be about $400 USD or a bit less for all those flights.

Anyways, enjoy.


7. Posted by Mr. M (Budding Member 4 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Thanks Anthony, I am so excited to visit Japan.

Check this out

Day 1 Arrive Tokyo & spend a week
During the stay in Tokyo take day trip to Nikko

Day 7 Tokyo to Ise Temple Then move on to Nagoya and spend a nite

Day 8 From Nagoya to Kanazawa & spend a nite

Day 9 Spend morning and afternoon in Kanazawa then take a nite bus to Kyoto
Sleep during the ride

Day 10 Arrive in Kyoto in very early morning and spend next week in Kyoto

Day 17 Travel to Mount Koya & spend a nite at a Temple

Day 18 Travel to Okayama then to Naoshima on Ferry

Day 19 Spend full day at Naoshima then take a nite bus to Hiroshima

Day 20 Explore Hiroshima then move on to Miyajima Island and spend a nite

Day 21 Miyajima to Nagasaki & spend a nite

Day 22 Nagasaki to Okinawa and spend at least a week

Day 29 Return to Nagasaki then fly back to Tokyo

Day 30 Explore one last day in Japan and spend a nite in Tokyo

Day 31 Narita back to Los Angeles

Please leave some comments

Thank you