Any suggestions on short-term volunteer programs in SE Asia?

Travel Forums Asia Any suggestions on short-term volunteer programs in SE Asia?

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My husband and I are planning our 6 mo RTW trip, and are looking to find a work for room/board exchange volunteer program. Specifically, India was our first location choice, but would be open to considering short-term opportunities in China, SE Asian countries, New Zealand and Eastern Europe.

We have researched some volunteer programs on the internet, which so far, seem to be more of a "working vacation" tour package, costing up to $200 per day. We prefer to work in a humanitarian setting without the group tours and activities (since we'll do this on our own).

Does anyone have suggestions of charities or non-profit agencies who would be flexible and inviting for us to stay and work 1 week to 1 month with them?

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When I was at uni, studying welfare, I did my placement in Java, Indonesia. It was one of the best things I've ever done, you couldn't put a price on the amount I gained from it!

The place I worked was Lessan, in Yogajakarta, a community group that did a variety of things such as Hep C education, nutrition education, lobbying for government etc. I ended up working there because the place I was meant to be going couldn't take me on last minute (its name is Gerli, a street outreach centre, is back on track so another option potentially).

The way we got work was partially organised before we got there, but mostly just a matter of asking when we got there. The two places I went didn't have accomodation, but I'm sure would be abel to help find something affordable if not free locally.

Basically what I'm saying is you could either try contacting place before you go with hope to sort it out, or pick a country and a type of work and just ask when you get there. Speaking from a professionals point of view, volenteers are the backbone of this type of work, you're unlikely to be turned down!

Let me know if I can help you with anything more specific and good luck!


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Just thought of another one that may suit you- WWOOF-ing (willing workers on organic farms) is a program where you work on an environmentally friendly farm in exchange for food and accomodation. You can do it all over the world so check it put on the net under wwoofing.

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Hi hi, if you don't mind teaching english to street children of Cambodia, you can try out Friends.

It's a NGO and i have seen the work that they do. Highly organised and programs are structured to give the children maximum benefit. Defintely will open your eyes to the needs in Cambodia.