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hello guys
I am wanting to go travelling again, i have previously spent 14 months in Asia and I spent approx £8000... this time I want to fly into Vancouver and work my way accross Canada in around two months and then head into new york and work my way down into mexico and through central america into costa rica and then i think i would have to fly from there to ecuador and then onto peru, bolivia, chile, argentina possibly paraguy or uraguay and then into brazil and fly home from brazil... i would want to spend between 8 and 12 months doing this (a lot of travelling i know) but i am wondering how much money i would need to do this roughly... do you think another £8000 would cover this trip?

I would be taking cheap buses, staying in hostels and eating in cheap places... i know america and canda would probs eat up most of my money aswell...

i would be interested to hear peoples thoughts on this trip from anyones who has been... as you can see i like to do things differently haha

thanx in advance
Steph x

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Just a thought on cutting down the costs of your trip while in Canada/USA (cos as you said, thats where all the money will be spent!) - sign up to or something similar. Will save you lots on accommodation and staying with locals in any country is always a blast :)