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I am planning a trip to Asia this summer, and just want some info on the easiest way to go about it. I will be landing in Bangkok, and from there going to Hong Kong, Cambodia and Vietnam - in no particular order. I was looking at buying a multi stop ticket, but this will cost close to £1400. Is rail travel worth looking into in Asia, or would I be better off just to buy my flight to Bangkok and just buy the rest of the flights over there?

Any info anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated... Kinda at a loss at the moment!

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In my opinion u would be better off just heading into BKK and getting further flights from there. i think this allows much more flexibility in terms of scheduling, and regional flights are often cheaper bought in country/at the airport.

Besides, from Thailand to Cambodia and Vietnam u can pretty much do it overland hassle free, so u just need a flight to HK. Or if you want to (and have loads of time) you can do this overland as well going from Vietnam into China.

Just a note. If u are taking the bus from BKK to Siem Reap, be careful as there are a lot of scams going on on this route and it is a far from comfortable ride most times.

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Hey Misfitz,

Last year I travelled from Bangkok to Phnom Penh with Air Asia, onwards by bus to Siem Reap.
Flight with Air Asia to Saigon overland by bus train & motorbike to Hanoi.
Air Asia is really good value if you are short on time or want to cram in as much as possible.
You can buy a bus pass from any guesthouse in Saigon that will get you from Saigon to Hanoi with as many stops as you want to make in the major towns along the way... Don't miss Hoi An.
I took the train twice overnight as I'm not great on buses. If you want to do this try and get your ticket in advance at the station (not the guest house... big rip off) If you go 2nd class or lower it's a great way to meet Vietnamese people.

One method of travel I cannot highly recommend enough is "The Easy Riders" You'll meet these motorbike men at every train station. Hire one to take you part your the journey in Vietnam - you won't regret it.

A girl I travelled with in Vietnam continued on into China overland by train. Can't help with China anymore than that!

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Another idea might be to fly to HK first, spend approx 5 days there, then get a flight over to Hanoi/Bangkok and travel the countries around there using buses/night trains etc.

Have you thought about doing more of China? you could probably get that included in the price.

what does the quote for the flight include? I have just purchase a RTW ticket for £1374 with