anyone 4 north&south west china, tibet, s.e. asia, Oz &NZ?

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hi there!

looking for travelling companions ( travel advice & recommendations too!) on the start of my long trip home from Beijing to London (after studying putonghua for the last 5 months in beijing) starting this october to mid-ish january 05.
I doubt anyone will be able to accompany me for all of my journey but meeting up with people along some of the way would be wonderful.

I'll start travelling at beginning of october to xinjiang( urumqi-tianchi & altai area& kasghar) fly to sichuan (chengdu & surrounding area ), tibet ( lhasa etc) & yunnan (kunming, lijiang) , across to Guangxi (guilin & yangchau) then hong kong.
From Hong Kong want to go down south east asia thinking about taking train to hanoi and crossing in to laos and cambodia down to angkok wok then to bangkok and south to beaches(Ko sumui?), malaysia (KL) and on to singapore..then australia to perth-travel down south west margaret river area then to melbourne, then on to sydney. From sydney to new zealand (to whereever my friend lives-can't remember which island-just opened hostel).then lastly a stop in LA for day or 2 to see the smog before heading home to London...

my itinerary is flexible at the moment cos i haven't read around alot the places like sichuan, tibet and guangxi and the rest of s.e. asia yet ...hope to hear from anyone soon!!!


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I thoroughly recommend a visit to northern Guangxi - the Dragon Backbone Rice Terraces and the Dong Villages around Sanjiang. THe scenery is beautiful, there's great hospitality in the hostels and you get to see the lifestyle of the minority people firsthand.
If you want more details about travelling round these areas, write to me!
Tania :)

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I am an undergraduate in chengdu,and have much free time this term.if you need any help ,contact me

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Dear friend,
You said you will be in China. OK! Since you are an architect, I would cordially invite you to see some of the Moghul architecture dating back to some 400 years in Lahore ( Pakistan). then you can notice its blend with the superb victorian architecture. See houses that are centuries old--------also built by Hindus and Sikhs-well before Pakistan and India got separated in 1947.
After Lahore--a few hours drive can take you to the birthplace of Buddhism and Sikhism----------all in Pakistan. See the tombs of saints-as old as 1000 years----------I am in Lahore ( Pakistan), If you could come down to Pakistan-----------I can help you save a lot of money--can offer an airport pick and drop on my car--help you get hotel etc. Its the cheapest through good contacts. I am a 35-year old male Pakistani journalist-enough free time to take you around-----weather getting finer-will get to less than 30 C in about a fortnight.
Please see this part of South East Asia for great experience----Catch British airways or PIA from London Heathrow-----8 hour flight straight at Lahore. from here, I advise--move to bordering India-Delhi only 40 minutes by plane from Lahore. And then from Pakistan via Gilgit-------you can cross over to China too.

You are most welcome here.