Time share.... Good idea or waste of money?

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does anyone here own a time share

is it a good investment?

I went to a presentation this last weekend and it sounded like a
good idea

if you do own one,

have you traded for other resorts internationaly, how hard was it

please let me know if this has worked for you or not

thanks in advance

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My parents own two time shares and we have very different experiences with each one. I guess they're not actually time shares in the sense that you buy a unit and the company rents it out for the entire year minus your vacation week. What we have is we buy a share in a travel exchange company (one is called RCI and the other is Intrawest) that different hotels participate in. With RCI, you buy a specific unit size and you have a designated week, and with Intrawest, you have points that you can bank to reserve a room in one of many resorts.

First off, I have to say that the experience we had with RCI is much much better than the one we have with Intrawest partly because of the location of our "time share". We bought RCI in Orlando, and Intrawest in Tremblant (Quebec). The principle is that if you want to take a vacation anywhere other than your time share, you need to exchange your unit for someone else's (the company does it for you). So popular destinations get exchanged quicker. That's why our RCI deal is much better.

If you're a world traveller, the exchange programs are really good, because they don't cost as much, and, given a good location, you can exchange it for any other destination in the world. Another plus: the accomodations that you exchange your time share for cost a mere 200 USD/week! (Imagine splitting that with 4 people... NICE!) There are some drawbacks... but they're really minor minor. Like you don't get the sense of community you do in a hostel and you have to book for an entire week (with programs like RCI, but programs like Intrawest that work with points, you can book for a few days). But honestly, you get 5 star accomodations for super cheap. So it's a good investment.


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My parents own a time share through RCI. It has been really nice for our family. Some nice things are that you can buy "bonus weeks' for really cheap. Most of the time we have been able to find weeks to exchange in different locations.
As far as internationally I think sometimes that is cheaper to do because the value of the dollar goes farther depending on where you go. We have never done international ones before.
Finally our "home" time share is only about 40 min. away which is nice becuase we can go and use the resort facilities such as the pool and we get discounts on other things but that means we have to exchange weeks all the time and we aren't always garunteed a spot. It may be best to have your "home' time share in a place that you like to vacation in and then you're garunteed a week away from home.

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