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Hi there,

I have booked a wicked camper to tour australia for 2 months along with my 2 mates, but we are now having second thoughts. Has anyone rented one before, what are the amenities like, are they fast enough, comfortable etc etc? I've tried searching for pictures inside the campers and blogs that actually tell me if they are worth it or not but have so far found nothing.

Any help would be great!


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Haven't rented it myself but I really saw loads of them in Oz...so far for original travelling. But they looked awful as well. Basically they are 20 year old (very) small Japanese campervans. But like I said, haven't looked inside. And as they are Japanese they probably will be decent. But certainly not comfortable and fast. And no airco, as everyone had open windows...I passed them with twice the speed;)

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Just back from Oz myself and we saw plenty of wicked vans on the road. They look seriously basic but the up side to this is you save yourself alot in rental costs. Also the bond you will need to pay upfront will be much lower as the vans are older!

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Hi Jonny

I've rented a Wicked Camper before! I had one for 3 weeks in Australia.

They are really basic, you get the cutlery, cool box, one ring stove, bedding etc.. there were 2 of us in total and I have to say that 3 weeks with 2 of us was enough. I don't want to put you off or anything but they really are quite small and I got really really fed up of having no head space to stand up properly in when changing, digging around for my clothes every morning etc etc. On the positive side (of which there are many) they run really well, are a great talking point when you are on the road and at sites and are mega cheap.

If I could offer any advice I would say to maybe take along a small tent too as it will probably be a bit squished with all 3 of you sleeping in there every night.

I'm off to Oz again this year for 2 months this time and will be hiring a camper again as I found it a fab way to see things but I do have to admit that I'll be going for a slightly more expensive Britz Hi-top mainly because they have more head room and a proper fridge but still come in at around £30 per day which I am happy to pay the extra for.

Hope this helps a bit, sorry it's not all positive but though it best to give the real deal.

You'll have a fab time though so I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

Sophie x

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They were nicely painted I forgot to mention, which is a rather positive aspect...a bit like flower power let's say.

I'll be going for a slightly more expensive Britz Hi-top

Now, there is nothing to be ashamed of Sofe, there is no definition of having to travel cheap or expensive or something in between;)

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Hey Jonny

I rented a Wicked for a week and a half and even though it wasn't much time to travel in it for... it was... well... wicked!

They are very small but I'm not sure if thats because there were 4 of us sleeping in it.

Okay when we rented it we told them their would be only two of us in it... which was a mistake because if theres a third the van is slightly better conditioned for it. But we didn't want to pay the extra fee. Then when we got it, there was half a bottle of rum, a six pack of beer and a pack of cards stuffed into the glovebox and middle console, which was a brillant surprise. Its the small things like, not enough deck chairs, storage space (although we did manage to fit a shite load of stuff in there)... not enough cutlery (but its all easy enough to pick up cheaply as you go)

But the entire idea of a wicked camper is its cult like status.

The four of us travelled from Sydney to Port Macquarie, Byron Bay/Nimbin, Up to Noosa, back down to Surfers Paradise (where we picked up two more passengers - so now theres six) and then back to Nimbin for Mardi Grass. When we left Sydney another wicked camper was driving just behind us and after the swappage of numbers (while driving of course) we ended up meeting up with our wicked cousins in Port Macquaire (they had gotten there before us and proceeded to suss out a private beach party happening that night) so we ended up bonding over the camper and getting thoroughly mashed. We stopped at various roadhouses for free showers and coffee and whenever another wicked camper was in sight we flagged 'em down and made some brillant friends doing this.

So I recommend if you are doing the wicked camper thing then go with the flow and support other wicked enthuiasts.

But to be honest two months is a long time to travel is something so compact.... hmmm depends what you want out of the experience...

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