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To all of you who have ventured to South America..

Do you think that £5000 will be enough for two of us to travel for 5 months??

We're happy to rough it, eat cheap, sleep in dorms & plan on doing a few excursions.

Countries on our wish list are as follows:

Argentina & Chile

Is this too much to cram into 5 months??

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

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That's roughly $1,000US a month per person; should be sufficient, although not overly generous. But given the 'lifestyle' you have in mind, it should do.

Your wish list is pretty ambitious, and it puzzles me that Peru's not on it, but I suppose it can be done if you don't stick around for too long on each destination. Plus obviously, Argentina and esp. Brazil are WAY too big to include in their entirety.

The most useful tip would be to consider buying open-jaw tickets (fly into A, out of B). That way, you don't have to make a round trip. In your case, ssmt like into Caracas and out of Rio would probably make sense.

Also, don't make too meticulous a planning. Especially, allow for a few days' delay before flights; although bus services are generally timely, one never knows.

Next, I'd recommend you don't take any flights while on the continent. It doesn't fit your budget to start with, but it's also polluting and you don't get to see the scenery, nor to meet the locals. The down side is that you have to be realistic about your ambitions, and seeing 7 countries in five months might just turn out to be too much.

Finally, take a decent and current road map with you, so that you can adapt your plans should the need arise.

I'll post some itineraries shortly. Happy planning, Niels

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Thank you so much for your advice.. I think maybe we will have to choose like 4 or 5 out of that list & stick to that.. also maybe a bit more saving would be in order!

Any help with itineries & must see's would be great!

Thanks again

emily :)

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Just back from 5months in SA, and to give you an idea I travelled a bit of Brasil, a bit of uruguay, a bit of paraguay, a decnt part of chile, most of argentina, most of bolivia, southern peru up to lima and then most of the amazon area (peru, colombia and brazil). I also lived in BA for about 6weeks!
As you said it is better to stick to less countries and see them better, rather than being pushed for time! Im gutted i couldnt do ecuador, colombia and venezuela, but will leave those for next time!
Once you are there you will see that not even a lifetime is enough! But i felt I had enough time to see a lot, and never felt rushed. ALso you might have to take into account that some places you plan to stay there for like 2days for example and then once you are there you love it and decide to stay 2weeks! Or the way around! So plan loosely! and always have a plan b!! :)

About the budget, it never hurt to save a bit more, but you will be fine with that money. take a credit card though! Cause i planned to be out there 3months and loved it so end up 5!! And now i have bit of debt to pay, ups! but was happy to be able to put it on credit card!!! So little time to live life and a life time to pay debt!!! ;)

Good luck ! I wish i could go back

x x Miriam x x ;)