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It is shortly after sunrise when a large clanging is heard over the cries of the cuckaburro birds nesting in the trees. As the huge steel doors of the Daams Dungeon of the Doomed are opened slightly, we realize the crying is one Overlord Mini-Me because someone has taken away his Fruit Loops covered in chocolate frosting...


Here's hoping you have a wonderful birthday with rides in the wheelbarrow, lots of milk and cake, and a day in the sunshine!!!!

As Isa goes to find the Fruit Loops covered in chocolate frosting, little Miles begins to smile because he gets to play with the armor in the corner with the sharp spear-like thingy that almost impaled poor Isa two days ago while wandering in a sea of beer foam.

ps: It's nice that they chose to celebrate a national holiday just for you too!!!! Have a great Australia Day and make your parents take you to the beach!!!

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Thanks Isa. I should start an account on Miles behalf; he'd say something like "ta ta" to express his gratitude.

He seemed rather excited this morning, though that could have just been due to the parents' excitement rubbing off on him It's amazing to think we've survived a whole year actually!

Now I've got to go and prepare the mountains of food; meat pies, sausage rolls, rissoles shaped like Australia, kanga bangas and the likes for the party - only family, but that's almost 30 people!! The cake is all done and is meant to look like Ned Kelly. In truth, it just looks like a smudgy rectangle. Oh well, hopefully no one notices

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Have an extra pint... of milk, of course, unless your daddy has already started training you with Heineken!

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Quoting Peter

I should start an account on Miles behalf

He hasn't got one yet?! Even his cousin has got an account already!

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Happy birthday, little Miles! You get to eat the whole cake to yourself today! Don't let any of those pesky grownups try to spoon feed you the chocolate icing or wipe your chin. Once they lay down the plastic canvas, the stage is yours. Stretch that throwing arm nice and good - I'll bet you could aim right for the TV!

Enjoy! Have a wonderful 1st birthday.

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Happy Birthday Miles

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Happy Birthday Miles

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Happy birthday young Miles.

Let's hope one day you rack up plenty of frequent flyer miles, and when we're all old and gray, you can tell us of your adventures.

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..........and in a not at all child-blinding flash of green light, accompanied by the staccato tippity-tap of 365 trained and well dressed dancing kangaroos, comes Beerman........

Haalllooooooooooo, Junior Overlord Mr. Miles, it is I, Beerman, here to make Happy at you on this, the 366th day of your life!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

Beerman is here to perform slave-like functions for you today, and make funny humorous type faces for your entertaining pleasure. (Booga booga, pfthhhh, wheeeeeeee!!!) Beerman will now re-dress in toxic waste encounter suit to make change of diaper. OH MY GOD!!!!!! Is that something you actually made Mr. Overlord Junior??? This will take a special disposal.....where is toxic waste dump nearby? What? Goo-goo? Beerman is not knowing where goo-goo is, but will find out...........

Now please to allow Beerman to wipe your chin and prepare special bottle of Beerman milk for your dining pleasure. Is good, yes? Please do not tell Mother and Father Overlord of special milk creation.....it is not always for the young ones, but you are Australian, so you need to get head start......

So, Master Overlord Junior, it is Beermans wish that you grow strong and tall and make oodles of money so you make care for your aging parent units in many years to come. I kiss you on your majestic forehead!!!

......and Beerman is gone, searching for a toxic waste facility.......