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Im 33 and I work a nowhere job behind a desk 40 hours a week. Im single and the only real debt I have is my car. My absolute dream is to just pick up, quit and move to Europe. But how. Is this possible? I have no relations that I know of overseas. How does one obtain a visa to live there? I've been before and Im visiting again in Oct. But I would love to make it permanant. Im tired of the lifestyle here.

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Hi, Rocketman...

First things first: Why Europe? What part of Europe tickles your fancy?

There's a much more varied range of lifestyles here than in the US. Some places, like Scandanavia and Holland, are more open than others, like Britain and Ireland. Some, like Denmark and France are extremly nationalist. Some will insist on you having a second language, some speak a lot of English and some speak only English.

Once you've picked a country (and take your time here!) contact that country's embassy in the US. They'll tell you what kind of visas you need.

It's very possible to move here, but you need to work out what country suits you most and bring about 3 months worth of money with you, while you settle in, find a plce to live and a job. More if you're going to a non-English speaking country. Probably get away with less if you don't mind working in McDonald's for the first few weeks!

Hope that helps,


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Here is a PDF with information from the IND (immigration services) in the Netherlands.

Its in english.

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I'm going in Oct as well. When do you anticipate being there? Where are you planning on going? This will be my first trip over seas and I'll be meeting a friend of mine who's already been there for about a month or so.