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So the day is picked and the church and restaurant are settled - so now on to the most important part: the honeymoon! I've had Africa on the brain for awhile, and Neal attended a conference on Africa and he's suddenly (and thankfully!) in. A friend who flew a cesna in southern Africa for 2 years highly recommended Mozambique - she said it was stunning and I'm sold on her stories alone.

But - where do I start? Small affordable safari, a little beach time, seeing the cities and towns and meeting the people - is it doable? Affordable? I just checked Air Canada's website, and they tell me 2 round-trip tickets to Cape Town (which is as close as they fly) will set us back a measly $10,000 (HA!!!!! I found tickets for $1,300 apiece!!!!! Buggers!!!!). Now I'm not even sure where to turn for reliable information at decent prices.

We've got about 2 weeks (say, 15 or 16 days) to make the most of it. We're thinking of mid-October or so. Anyone have ideas, tips, suggestions, stories, etc. etc...? Just trying to get started. For the first time, I feel at a total loss as to where to even begin.

Any and all help is so very appreciated!

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Well, first of all, those flight tickets were outrageous! Yikes! That would cripple me! You could do the whole trip for that cost! We just bought round trip tix on SAA (South African Airways) from JFK to Joburg including two internal flights for about $1100 USD. This was from a consolidator in Philadelphia called Premier Tours who has an arrangement with SAA. This flight goes through Dakar. There is a direct flight to Joburg on SAA through the states from Washington DC. I am assuming that you want to get directly to the bottom of the continent. Are you only interested in Mozambique? Or were you thinking safari in ZA and beach time in Mozambique? You can fly into Moz through Joburg, but expect to pay a premium if flying into one of the resorts.

What kind of travelers are you two? Are you planning on backpacking it? or would you be willing to rent a car an drive yourself? In this case, I would recommend that you fly into Joburg, pick up the rental car and drive to the Kruger. Book yourself into one or two of the campsites and take about 5 days and go on safari. Then you could drive into Mozambique at Komatipoort and into Maputo for a couple of days. Then you could head as far North as Tofu before heading back to ZA. If you were interested in more safari, you could drive South to Maputo and hit the beaches there, and then head into ZA through Swaziland and then go to Hluhluwe-Umfolozi for a couple of days. Hit St. Lucia on the way down to Durban then head back up towards Joburg stopping to do a little hiking in the Drakensburg before heading home. Or drive straight through to Durban, ditch the car, fly to Cape Town and fly home from there. You could also fly straight through to Cape Town, fly back to Joburg, hit the Kruger, then Mozambique and back. Just some food for thought!

Don't discount vic falls or botswana either. You could hit vic falls then the chobe river and treat yourself to a private game reserve in botswana along with safari in the kruger and cape town. your choices are endless! Good luck planning.

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Ooh - thank you for all that lovely info! Those airline tickets are ridiculous - Air Canada always charges an arm and a leg.

As for how we travel, we're kind of in between - neither backpackers nor hotel stayers. We tend to stay in B&Bs or guest houses - nothing fancy, just clean. I don't see us renting a car - I was hoping to get away with busses and the like. I'm not 100% fixated on Mozambique - it just sounds so wonderful. And wow - I didn't realize there was so much we could fit in in 2 weeks! You're info is priceless. Thanks!

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