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My family is planning a trip to Alaska this summer. We are expecting about 10 of us to make the trip with ages ranging from 25 to 62. We are thinking about doing a cruise for part of the trip, as with that many people it will probable be relaxing to have pretty much everything planned out and taken care of. I am not into the city's on the water cruises, where you take over a town, have 4 hours there and leave with a I heart Alaska coffee mug. In the caribbean there are some smaller ships that go some places that the large ships can't make it into and I was wondering if there were anything similiar in Alaska???

Also, I like the idea of the Alaska Ferry System, anyone have any experience with the Ferry system? Would that be good with a big group???

Thanks for your help and feel free to toss out any suggestions not having to do with cruises.


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Anyone, hello, any help would be greatly appreciated????


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The Alaska ferry system (or marine highway as they call it) is great. No frills, but you get pretty much the same scenery as the big cruise ships. I've been on it from Skagway to Cordova and also Whittier to Valdez. Great stuff. And the best part is you can use it like a taxi, and spend as much time as you like in the communities along the way. It would be fine with a big group, but just keep in mind it really is a ferry, and not a cruise. Very little entertainment except the views. Sometimes they have a naturalist giving lectures, but not always.