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Will we need a return trip when we enter Europe? Or a ticket getting out of Europe? Asia?

For our South American leg of the trip, we start in Argentina - Feb 08 have a returning flight to NY from Ecuador for April 08 that we might not be using at all. We haven't figured out how/when we're getting across the Atlantic... nor any details when we make it to Europe/Asia/Northern Africa.

Should we buy another return flight back to the US? We have no way of knowing where we're going to be or when we're coming back. Any purchase of a return flight is a guesstimate.

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I've never had any problems myself, but from what I've seen and heard, immigration personnel tend to ask for evidence of a return/onward flight from the country you're entering if they think you plan on doing more than just visit.

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You shouldn't have any problems assuming you don't resemble a criminal or appear of bad/questionable character. If you stink and look like you haven't showered in a week, that would probably get you some unwanted attention. They would probably question take you out the back (where the deep questioning, touching down etc goes on) before hopefully letting you through, but if you are just like the majority of people who don't do anything to their appearance or personal hygene to make yourself stand out, then most countries wont even ask to see proof of onward travel. They will barely even look at your passport before stamping you through in most places.

If you were asked a question about how much money you have and said "I have $50" (or anything under a couple of thousand) you will probably get hassels and depending on the answers to the other questions will likely get returned back to where your flight departed from. If you state "I've got access to about $10,000" (assuming that is the maximum amount on the entry form you signed before you needed to tick yes in the box for excess currency), then they rarely go more than a couple of other questions. This was the case even in the US where basically every non US/Canadian citizen gets treated as if they were a relative or friend of Osama Bin Laden or another "wanted dead or alive" member for the country. I mean what they do to people by finger printing and taking your photo as if you are just about to serve a term in prison is just not right.

Some places you are more likely to get asked for on onward ticket are places like Australia, UK, US (for non US citizens), Canada (for non Canadian or US citizens) and places where you are required to apply for a visa prior to arrival. In these instances some ticket to somewhere after you plan on leaving that country is good enough to get the visa (at least that is what I have found in my travels).

These have been my experiences when travelling, but I guess it just depends on how good you are at lying and if you have plenty of creditcards with low limits that you could wave at them, as to if the $10,000 comment is a good one to say.

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