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I've done my research on Australia this past month (nonstop researching, might I add) and I've come to the conclusion that when i go to Cairns, its gonna be raining and pouring and isolated (from the closed beaches) and humid. I want to go to the great barrier reef tho cuz iono when the next time I will ever have a chance to see it.

So I'm considering signing up for a learning how to dive scuba diving class in Cairns on the Great barrier reef.. but now im worried that maybe it'll rain so hard that I'll drown or be pulled to the depths of the ocean and die.... or that the water will be super unclear cuz of the rain... or something really stupid and tragic like you see in those movies.

Does anyone have any experience scuba diving in the rain? is the water unclear? is it harder to swim while it rains there? Do the poisonous killer jellyfish become more active with the water's turbulance? Am i paranoid?? (yes i am)

thankssss, mamas and papas of Australia

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Best time of year is around June (not so hot)
If you're diving, don't worry about the're gonna get wet anyway

Humidity doesn't bother me....helps you to consume more beer..
As for diving, I don't think you will have a problem with visability up there. But I would look at dive courses near Brisy or Sydney...they should be much cheaper ($300ish)...unless you are wanting to do the course specifically on the reef.

When it rains, it is usually in downpours and not all day long...but if in doubt, call or check with the dive company. They are better to answer your questions. but I have had no problems with rain upsetting my diving, unless there is a storm and the swell/ currents mess up the bottom

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it doesn't rain here all the time you know. we've only had a bit of rain recently
when are you coming?

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Hello, if you wanna dive in Oz and you need to learn, I have just been there and done lots of diving in the rain! Its not a problem really unlesss the dive site is close to land then the run off causes visibility problems but.

The cheapest dive course in Oz (if you want to do whictsundays as well) is do a whitsundays combo open water course trip) as you are already paying for the boat trip, if you pay $179 extra you get an open water course thrown in.

Ive done lots of diving all over asia and barrier reef and i would without a doubt say the Yongala wreck dive off Alva beach is the best you will see (queensland a few hours south of Cairns)! make sure you check it out after your course.