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11. Posted by angenaline (Budding Member 44 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Another very helpful post I might not have thought to ask. Thanks to all the answers, even if I didn't ask the question.

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I was travelling southamerica (is not asia, but facilities/hygiene can be compared i guess) for 5months and took my glasses with me and a bunch of daily contacts for special occasions (as mentioned before, night outs, dancing, sports and such). Will reccomend daylies cause the maintenance is a lot easier (=none!) and they dont take that much space!
The funny thing is during my first week got drunk a cuple of times (oh well...) and forgot to take them out and was worried! but realized that they were perfectly fine for the folllowing day! End up using the daylies for average of 4days at the time and came back with plenty spare! I have asked and it is not bad for your eyes, it just depends in the person, some people could wear them for 3days and other feel than even half way through the day is enough!

For me to be able to wear my sunglasses all the time, and be able to see the world properly from the poor eyes is a bless!! so yes to the contacts, and always take the glasses for emergencies or flights, etc...
Have fun!!!

x x Miriam x x

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You should bring both. I always wear my contacts all the time, with my glasses as back up. Contact solution is not hard to find, and how much of it do you really need.

Also, I like to wear sunglassses, which is hard to do over glasses. You could buy expensive prescription ones, but why?

Another drawback to glasses is that you will sweat alot in SE Asia, and I always drip right onto my glasses, and costantly have to wipe them off. Plus, when you want to quickly wipe the sweat out of your eyes, you'll have to take off your glasses. For me this is a big pain in the neck.

I think the glasses are safer in the bag.

Thats it, happy traveling

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antiseptic wipes for your hands are the way forward, then a swoosh with bottled water! I travelled S.E ASia including rural india with contacts and never had any problems...dailies is a good idea, depending on how long your going for.


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night and day lenses are awesome. I've been useing them for a few years and they are perfect. you can wear them for whole month and then you simply replace them with new pair. It's a good idea to take them out once a week for a few hours and put them in the solution, so they get cleaned and your eyes rest a bit. So all you have to carry with you is a small bottle of solution (120m lasts months) + few spare lenses (depending how long you are going for). Of course have your glasses with you as well as a backup


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