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How easy is it to change visas?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific How easy is it to change visas?

1. Posted by LusciousLu (Budding Member 72 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I am currently applying for my dream job in cheekily snuck up from nowhere last week. I have the WHV but the job requires a temporary residence visa. I spoke with the supervisor yesterday who wasnt sure what i should do but said apply all the same while he refers my enquiry to HR.

I was always planning on trying to get work at this institution as a volunteer or on a casual basis.

Does anyone know how easy it is to change the visa status? And if I change it and then dont get the job can I revert back to the WHV? I dont have time to run to Australia House this week to speak to anyone and I certianly dont want to spend a fortune calling the answerphone service (and the job application shuts on Friday).

I am also possibly planning on changing my visa to a student visa next year when I apply for an MA I am interested in at Macquarie too.

I still want to work travel if I can much to do to little time! Not to i just getting greedy?!?

2. Posted by happychef (Budding Member 10 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

it would be worthwhile checking to see if the job is on the professions in demand list !! applying for a new visa can be pretty long winded but if its only a short term thing will the WHV ur on not cover you until you start studyin ??

3. Posted by hels82 (Full Member 96 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

If the employer offers sponsorship-im just going through this at the moment and could tell you more details-feel free to pm me!

4. Posted by LusciousLu (Budding Member 72 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I managed to speak to the HR department who told me to just attach my WHV to the application at least to show I have clearance to work even if its only for 6 months.

It is local government funded position so I dont think 4 year sponsorship would be available (plus the funding is granted for this work per year...) but as I am planning on maybe taking the MA in the area the job is in next year, who knows, permanent residency may be gained within 2 years of arriving on the shores! (Which is an aim of mine anyway!)

And can I say...HOW LAID BACK ARE THE AUSSIES???? Here's me panicking over the application and visa and the HR lady was like 'oooh dont worry, we dont even look at this silly thing' (application form!) and 'just pop ya visa on'...AND send you application in by Monday as I wont even be looking at them on Friday' (official closing date!!!) Gotta love that country!

So now to the application...wish me luck!

5. Posted by SOMV (Budding Member 57 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

You do not need to be sposnored for the full 4 years to get the 457 employer sponsored visa. The sponsorhip can be from whatever time up they need you, and up to 4 years.

If you really are eventually wanting to head down the permanent route then you really should make sure that you stick to all the conditions of the WHM visa. Although Aussies are very laid back, the Department is very strict about these things! (They are as unlaid back as one can possibly get).

Cheers :)