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Hi travelerspoint people! (I also posted a simliar thing on another forum but not much response...). Basically I have never travelled overseas before and would like your help...let me explain my situation.

I just quit my job and have the entire month of Februrary completely FREE before I begin studying at university for 5 years...I figured out that I will probably never have time like this again and really want to see some of the world. I am 18, male and live in Sydney, and will probably be going solo unless I can convince a mate to come. My MAX budget is 5000 australian...that is like the total of all the money i own, so i cant go over this at all. I don't mind "roughing it" and want a bit of adventure in my holiday, and really want to see somewhere "different" in the world - some preferred destinations for me would be morocco, italy and japan.

So considering all these things....can anyone help me, please? I'm really bad at navigating the internet for deals and so on...can anyone recommend something? Are there any good destinations I should check out? Are there tour things for someone of my age and interests? Places to find travel buddies, or maybe just recommend me a cheap airfare? Please help me get off the ground asap!

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wow... being 17 (starting this year) and male living in Sydney I should like to know as well :O

I may not know much yet about traveling but you must always do some research on the destination before going.

My only experience is when I was younger, which is when you get there bring some of Sydney's water and mix it with some of the water of the location you are at when overseas (be sure it is clean water) then drink it, cause I made a bad mistake once and got sick for 3 days after not doing that procedure. (learnt it of some backpackers).

and since your in Sydney isn't Jetstar is having a deal for people who want to fly to Japan.
heres a link I found
well its the date from 2nd of February to 29th of February.

If you like to find a better time go back to home page and select the time or a new destination.

So I can't really help much but I tried my best hahaha and congratulations on making it to University.

By the way in Japan Hotels are expensive!! try the more tradition hotels usually run by family members they are cheaper and give a more japanese feel to them. I look them up as I heard of them not too long ago, I'll tell you what they are named ASAP

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Sounds like you're about to go on an adventure, just no clue where ;)

Japan is an amazing place, no doubt about that. But considering your budget, I'm not sure it's the best choice. You would get better value for money just about anywhere in Asia. Perhaps south east asia would appeal (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam for instance). You'll find your budget stretching a lot further in places like that.

Italy is kind of the same story as Japan, an easy place to blow a budget in a hurry, but some stunning things to see on the way. And the airfares to get there will be more expensive as well.

Morrocco may be a decent option - the only downside perhaps the long flight and inevitably more expensive airfares.

If you are looking for ideas, then I'd strongly suggest browsing through the featured country galleries. You'll get a good visual idea of what each place has to offer.

If you want a little more structure to your trip, then it may be an option to go with someone like Intrepid Travel. I generally hear good things about them and at least you'll have a pretty clear idea about cost before you go (even though it probably is more than doing it on your own)

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Yes but Jetstars airfares are cheaper now, but if your a budget traveler then $5000 might last you at most a week in Japan if you spend little considering that their mangos once were priced at $81 !!! Australia.

If you want to try cheap airfares This link may help, (better ignore the one on top since I tried it and somehow my selected page disappeared......

also I found out what these cheap places to stay are,
in Tokyo theres an inn named Sawanoya, inns like these are traditional and they are usually handed down through the family, you have to do your own research or gain some street knowledge of japan before going to save money. On the note I saw this on Pilot Guide ^_^ and! they said that the Sawanoya family in is $45 a night which is cheap! compared to lodging cost in Tokyo.
So if you want to stay in Tokyo go for the inns as they will save you a lot of money, however just like the admin says if you want your money to go really far at a budget its best to choose the southeast asian countries, tip on malaysia! "don't drink the local tap water, just drink the bottled water as their your next best thing to clean threat free water.

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