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Hi guys,

I am traveling to Italy for my spring break March 21-April 6. I am planning on flying into somewhere in the north (Milan, Verona, or Turin) and then working my way south before flying out from Naples on the 6th. Possible stops include the city I fly into, Florence, Cinque Terre, Florence, Rome, and Naples/Pompeii/Amalfi Coast. I am wondering what city would be the best to fly into and how many days to spend in each place. I am most interested in history, food, and the outdoors, if that is of any help. Additionally, any recommendations about places to stay, places that cannot be missed, and how to save a bit of money along the way would be welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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I have only been to Rome, Pompeii, and Naples and I recommend all three.

When in Rome (har har) we stayed at a hostel in Ostia called Litus Roma Hostel and it was pretty nice and cheap. It's about an hour outside of the center of the city (but easily accessible), it's right on a "beach", and everyone was really nice at the shops and restaurants around the hostel because it wasn't in the main touristy area. So I recommend staying there if you don't mind staying outside of the city. Naples felt.. a little bit dodgy when we first got there. It's easy to take buses/trains to Pompeii though and also to some "beaches" along the coast. Pompeii was a nice city. The modern city felt a little small but the actual "old city" is huge, and I would say you probably want to spend at least two days touring the ruins if you're interested in the history and want to read the plaques/ take a tour, whatever. So I guess the cheapest way to get around would be to fly into Rome and take buses or trains to the southern cities from there. Ways to save money... don't eat at restaurants by big tourist attractions (the Colosseum, Pompeii), if you just walk a few streets down you'll probably find someplace significantly cheaper with better food/ more charismatic staff. Sorry I couldn't help so much, I hope to get back to Italy some day to see the Northern half.

Good luck!

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Hi there! I as well am traveling to Italy for my Spring Break. March 21st - April 6th. However, I will be going down to Sorrento for a couple days then travelling from there. (Milan,Tuscany, Florence, Venice, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Paris) and not sure where else. We are just going to travel around and stay in Hostels. Where are you flying out of and what Airline are you taking? I work for United Airlines so I get to fly free. I will be leaving out of Chicago the morning of March 21st. I just received my passport in the mail on Wed. so therefore I have never taken an Inter'l flight/trip before. Any advice that anyone can give will be greatly appreciated! Thanks again

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Hi there!

Yours is similar to a trip we took a few years back. We flew into Rome (3 days), then up to Venice (2 days), down to Tuscany (4 days), on to Praiano in the Amalfi Coast (4 days), and back up to Rome - 15 days in all. It was the perfect pace - not too rushed and still able to see a lot along the way, including Pompeii, Florence, Sienna, Positano, and Naples (well, we drove through it...).

For hotels, we booked through Cross-Pollinate, which someone here recommended. They've got great alternative places to stay for reasonable prices. We also rented a villa in Tuscany (we had it all to ourselves - for only about 50 Euro each a night each including a humungous breakfast!).

If you can make it to Venice, I'd highly recommend it. It's like nothing I'd ever seen before...

Enjoy your trip! Ask away if you have any more questions.