Question on booking a holiday with an American company HELP!

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I have a question which I have tried to search for online but to no avail!

I live in London England and we have found a holiday to Las Vegas and its SO much cheaper to book it through the american expedia site rather than the english, even though its the same itinery!

if we were to book it would we have any issues with the holiday itself at the airport for example as we are not American citizens but have booked through an American site?



Lou xxx

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I haven't had any first hand experience with this myself, but I have a friend who has. He actually missed his connecting flight home while in Las Vegas. Everything was either booked or way too expensive. He is in Canada, so he was booking in the other direction from you, but still. I think it was someone at the airport who told him to possibly try booking with a company based in England. He managed to get a SUPER cheap flight home with no problems. Flights from overseas apparantly are happy to fill up seats that are emptied on a stopover on route to their final destination. In your case it may be a flight returning to Las Vegas from the UK that isn't filled. Since then he frequently books with companies based over seas and he hasn't seemed to have any troubles yet.

With that being said, I have never done it, so I can only pass on what he told me. I would also be very interested to know if it is as convenient and cheap as I was told

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The problem is "what if something happens"? Your contractor would be an American company, not That is a risk you must be willing to take.

My mother once found a very cheap holiday to her dream destination online, it was 40 % cheaper than the offer she had gotten from the travel agency where she has been a customer for years. The only difference was that instead of breakfast and dinner (half-pension) the special offer for the package tour was all-inclusive. She printed it out and showed it to the travel agent, and then asked the travel agent to book everything for that price. I suggest you do something similar, maybe call up to ask them for the cheaper price.