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hey there,
I'm flying to Costa Rica in May (ticket still pending) then making my way down to South America (coast to coast). I'm thinking of booking one way ticket and then half way through my trip get a rtrn ticket or booking rtrn with a rtrn date abt 6/8 months later. Planning on doing most of my trip by bus. What's the story with visas? Will I have problems with entering the countries without an outward ticket dated e.g 90 dates from my entry? or I just need to make sure I don't overstay the allowed period?
travelling on EU passport where no visa's required apart from 2 countries, how do I cross the other ones without constant date change on my rtrn ticket or booking all other bus tickets in advance? (pretty relaxed trip so don't wanna b restricted by the dates on my tickets).

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Hey Kate,

Most countries have proof of onward journey as an entry requirement on top of any visa; they want to be sure you leave again as well.

Afaik, it's rare for travellers to be denied entry on account of not being able to show that proof, unless you have the misfortune of looking poor or 'suspicious' (basically, muslim or black, depending on the country). Moreover, your onward journey doesn't necessarily have to be a return journey, nor does it have to be by air; if you can show a return ticket to UK from another country than the one you're trying to enter, that is usually sufficient. Else, a hotel reservation in another country, a bus ticket to your next destination, or a decent travel plan may also do the trick.

Mind you, even though it is extremely unlikely that you are denied entry, it is theoretically possible. If you want to be absolutely sure, there is no other way than to buy fully refundable tickets out of each country you want to enter, and refund them as soon as you moved on. But I would simply take the risk, and be confident that nothing will happen.

It goes without saying that your passport has to be free of strange annotations (denied entries elsewhere, trips to Cuba, Iraq or Israel, etc.); if you have those, better be on the safe side :)

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cheers 4 the info, looks like I should b fine. thought that going through all those countries it's gonna b a matter of a valid passport and a ticket back to UK. fingers crossed. The only bit would b 'looking suspicious' but will deal with it when I'm there.