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Questions about Europe trip in 2009

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11. Posted by jmonegro (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Quoting matt.91

I am new to these forums and have some questions to ask about a trip to Europe I am planning.

This year is my final year of school and I am planning to take a gap in 2009. I am estimating to have around $10.000 Australian Dollars saved for the trip and I am aiming to stay overseas for as long as possible - currently I am hoping for 9-10 months. I would like to travel to three countries (Germany, Poland and the UK). In the UK I will be staying with relatives so accommodation (hopefully) won't be a problem. In Germany and Poland I will be moving through hostels.

How much money do you think I would need to support myself on my own for this long?
Is the 10.000 I am hoping to have enough?
Also, how much money (per day) should I assume I will pay in Germany and Poland?


Well, judging from your questions, I think that there is a book that could help you out. It's about traveling around europe on a budget, cheap airfare, cheap hotels, tours, etc. It was published by a website called They sell it through a store called lulu, and it is not expensive. You can buy the book for 15 dollars, or download it for 10. they ship worldwide, i think.

12. Posted by Lorcan (Budding Member 59 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hey, if you do get that British Passport and you want to work somewhere outside of the UK and Ireland the you don't really have to worry about the language thing too much. Generally, employers will just make sure you have a european passport, or at least a working visa.

I say this because i speak really bad german yet i managed to get a job in Berlin for 6 weeks in summer 2006 and didn't understand a word anyone said to me for the whole time because they were all polish.

Last summer i worked in a restaurant in Arnhem, The Netherlands and i don't speak a word of Dutch, but in the scandinavian countries and the Netherlands and Germany a lot of people speak english so if you are looking to find a job just keep asking around and you will eventually find someone who will employ you.

It took me 3 days to find my Berlin job and i had to ask at about 25 different places. But it was cash in hand (5 euro an hour) which made life a lot easier because the job in Arnhem needed Dutch social security, a dutch bank account and all sorts of other beaurcratic nonsense, so just make sure they give you cash if you do find one.
anywhere else will generally require you to speak the local language (eg, in France and Spain and Italy etc)

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