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Help please..any tips/advice for a girl travelling alone....

Travel Forums General Talk Help please..any tips/advice for a girl travelling alone....

1. Posted by laura lee (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi all.. i have just joined this as i am going travelling in less than 7 weeks time! i am very excited yet also bit nervous at the mo coz i dont feel i have planned much! i mean i am doin bit of research n usin a notepad to jot down where i want to go when i get to each country, places to see etc! but its pretty much gonna be..see when i get there!! trying to see the spontaneity as a positive thing! hehe. I am going on my own and was just generally looking for some good advice and tips! going SanFrancisco, NewZ,Sydney,HongKong,Singapore and South Africa! the space of 6 excited. Altough i havn't travelled very far on my own but ive always wanted to do this! I can be a bit dippy and forgetful at times so this is definatley gonna be a challenge for me! an experience for me to remember forever and an Amazing one i hope.
Any advice would be much appreciated!!! eg -

Whats best to take?
How to find best, cheap accommodation?(preferably where i could meet other travellers)
How to keep in touch with family/friends via phone..know of any cheap ways??

I am planning to work in Sydney.. i have done a photography degree but not got a photography job yet, although any photography kinda jobs in sydney would be great! planning on finding a job once im there! this really unorganised??....or have others been spontanious, travelled alone and just enjoyed the adventure???.....waffle waffle i know theres a lot to read...any tips would be great!! i'm travellin round the world on my own man..aaah...if you knew me you'd be worried..haha, Naah i'm gonna show everyone i can do this!! just dont wanna fxxk up too bad and just have the time of my life!!;)

2. Posted by Erik85 (Respected Member 274 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I'm about to do a similar thing.

What I believe is that spontanaety is the beauty of it all - and no matter how much you plan or try organise yourself, what will actually happen and how you will feel will be far different from what you planned out. (unless you lock yourself in tours for the whole time hehe). It's just something you have to accept will happen and take the ride as it comes. Besides, there's so much advantages of travelling on your own - freedom, not having to compromise with anyone, being able to do what you want to do, and being in a situation where you're more encouraged to talk and associate with other people. Just remember that I haven't known anyone has travelled alone and regretted it, and it'd be likely that this is the same for you - therefore it must be worth while!

That being said just make sure you know your visas, visit a travel doctor (particularly for Africa/Asia), maybe book the first few nights in advance (especially if a flight/trains arrives at the destination at night). Jotting down what you want to do is a great idea, as you don't have to waste time in each country finding out whats there, yet you haven't locked anything in and you still have freedom when you're travelling.

As for accomodation - hostels, hostels, hostels - might be easier when you're in the country as not all will have websites, but have a look on this website and perhaps people can suggest some others, or just ask other people on your travels.

In terms of communicating your people at home, email/webcam (Skype) is probably the cheapest!

You might wanna do some research on the photography industry in Sydney though - maybe start with or <- these are the two main employment sites, they might have some info or you can look up advertisements and see what employers expect.

Enjoy your travels!


3. Posted by sunset1999 (Full Member 108 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

If you are intending to work in the different countries, make sure you have the right visas!!! Very very important. If the Australian customs catch you working on a tourist visa, they will kick you out of the country or they can deny you entry into the country.