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In Jan 2005 year I'm leaving the rate race, selling my house, car quitting my career etc and going for the big RW trip I've always wanted to do (but previously been to scared to do!)

I'm planing to spend the first 2 weeks in India (Taj Mahal - that's all really) but intend on spending the next 3-4 months Around SE Asia starting in Bangkok (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia etc etc.) and was wondering whether anyone will be travelling around that sort of time.

If anyone is around there then and feels like meeting up let me know, I'm 23 from UK, easy going, gsoh etc etc....no one says they're boring and dull to be around!!

Any advice regarding RTW tickets would also be great, have been to all the regular places like STA Travel, Aritreks etc but am looking for a good operator to book an RTW ticket with that includes a few open jaw parts of it....



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Hi Ian, im laura,23, live in oxford at the moment work in an eye hospital, since leavin uni 2 yrs ago. like u i am sellin up and doing RTW.
My plans are India-laos-singapore-malaysia-thailand-oz-nz-fiji.
Am really lookin to spend bout 6 weeks in india but the first 2 weeks will be doinng delhi and agra etc, the girl o was going to india with has backed out on me ( bloke issues) im not really keen on arrivin at delhi solo...booking ticket soon and would be cool to find someone to fly out with.. If u fancy a chat mail me at lstrazdins@hotmail.com

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Hi Ian,

Like you, me and my boyf are selling up and leaving for our rtw trip in Jan 05. We're quitting our jobs, selling everything and just buggering off!!! Quite scary actually!
We will be in India for the first 6 weeks then onto Vietnam/Cambodia/Loas/Malaysia/Thailand/Oz/Nz etc.
Would be cool to meet up with anyone who is doing the same thing, similar route, on our trip.
I'm so excited, but a bit scared at the same time, once in a life time oppertunity to fulfil a dream that I never thought I'd fulfil!

Happy Travels


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Ian, Laura and Kristie -

Like you, I also quit my job and am planning a RTW trip in January! I think I am a little behind in planning - not sure where to go yet. However, I am leaning toward a Fiji-NZ-Oz-Thailand-Europe route, with extended time in Thailand.

I would love to keep in touch with ya'll to figure out when/where you'll be during that time.

Only 2.5 more months.......

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hiya! im becks, im also going around the world, i leave on Feb 1st and fly to Bali, OZ, NZ, Fiji, LA-SAND DIEGO, GRAN CANYON, LAS VAGAS, DEATH VALLY, HOOLYWOOD, BEVERLY HILLS ETC AND Canada, iv booked all my flights so if anyone is up for meeting up that would be kool coz im doing it on my own!eak!

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Well, I'm 19, Chinese girl from Malaysia. I just want to meet people from all around the world who would come to Malaysia, even as a stop over. It'll be nice to get to know new people. I'm up to travel around KL, basically just to have fun with new friends!

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I'll be in SE Asia in late Nov. to late march probablly. I did the same deal, just got done W/ Cen. America. I wouldn't neccicerally to a RTW Ticket, and I wouldn't set up an itinarrary at all. Do it as you go, so you spend more time in the places you like, and get out if it doesn't agree with you. Cheers-Justin

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HI Ian
My plan is to head off in the early New Year to Oz but would like to see SE Asia first so I will be going to Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia then Singapore before flying over to OZ.
Nothing booked as yet just planning things first so I know what I want when I do finally book the tickets,but mates girlfriend works for STA Travel so she is keeping me right.
If your gonna be around any of those places then give me a shout and we might bump into each other for a beer and a crack.
Cheers Baz