Do they check visas for flights within the Schengen system?

Travel Forums Europe Do they check visas for flights within the Schengen system?

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I'm a student in France with the France (+1 transit schengen) visa that was valid from 16-08-07 to 14-11-07. My passport from the United States to the European Union was stamped in Amsterdam on 17-08-07. I have been arduously attempting to obtain my student "carte de sejour" which allows me to stay in the European Union for a year. Despite my attempts, I still have to wait until March 10!!! which means that, because the process for obtaining a student visa here is so drawn-out, I will have been illegally in the European Union for about 3 months by the time I actually receive my long-stay identification. (the reason its taking so long is because I missed my first appointment for my physical examinations because they mailed me the notification of my examination the day before it was supposed to take place, but that's beyond the point...grrrrr)

I recently took the bus to Belgium with no problem, because they don't check visas there. However, I'm scheduled to fly to Spain the 22 of February on Ryanair. I'm worried that I won't be able to take the flight because my Schengen travel time is long expired, though I am a European student. All I have to prove this is my 07-08 french student id card, a letter from my french university, and a "recepisse de demande de carte de sejour" which expired 04-02-08: not exactly internationally valid documents. I will most likely carry all of these documents just in case, even though I'm sure customs officials would laugh at them.

Essentially, my question is this: will they even check my visa when I go through Ryanair airport at Paris to fly into Barcelona? I still don't know how I'll be returning, probably by train from Madrid so that shouldn't be a problem, or should it?

I just need to go to Spain and I am legal!!! i just don't have the proper documentation to prove that I'm legal! Any advice?

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There are no immigration checks when you travel across countries within the Schengen area. You will only come across the immigration when you want to travel out of the area. Both France and Spain are in the Schengen area. So don't worry about it. :) Passport is still required though for security checks and identification in airports.

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I don't speak French, but if "recepisse de demande de carte de sejour" is what I think it is you should just go to the office that issued it, explain the situation and ask for an extension of it until March 10.

Be aware though that in some countries the application for a student visa becomes invalid when you leave the country in question (ie cross the border from France to Spain).

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Hien is right. There's no passport/visa control flying within Schengen area, nobody will ask to see your visa at the airport. You have to bring your passport though just for identification purposes.

Remember Ryanair actually flies to Girona Airport, not Barcelona. Nothing to do with your question, it's just a remark.

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Thanks everyone for the input. I feel much more relaxed about taking this flight now! And yes, I'm aware that I won't be flying directly into Barcelona, but I've been wanting to go to the Dali museum in Figueres anyways so I thought Girona might be the better option. I'll make it to Barcelona somehow