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Hey everyone, this is my first time posting here. I am 18 years old and I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I will be turning 19 this July, and I graduated from high school in June 2007. Throughtout high school I had aspirations of travelling across Europe with some friends and with one year already passed since my high school days I've decided to act fast on this thought because I figure it's best to experience this while being young.

With that being said, I have been to Italy on three different occassions with my family. First in 1996, then in 2000, and most recently this past summer in July/August 2007. We visited a lot of great places in Italy with the help of my Italian relatives over there. However I want to go deeper with my travels on my own without my parents this time. I want to stretch from Italy over to France and Spain, and up to Switzerland, Germany, and Poland before returning back to Italy.

I plan on going for a good 3 months sometime starting in either June or July and along with me will be my younger brother who is turning 17, plus two other guys who are great friends of mine. While in Italy we'll have a free place to stay at seeing as how my family over there will probably be fighting amongst themselves to have us stay at their places. They'll cook us a lot of that great Italian food as well, and they'll definitely make a lot of food for us on the road ahead. Who knows, maybe they'll lend us a car for the road as well. They lent a car to my parents when I went with them on the past 3 trips, but seeing as how this trip stretches far and wide across Europe I am not banking on that so I am prepared to rent a vehicle. Me being me, I'll probably decline any offer of a car because I don't want to be responsible for anything like that since we're planning on doing a lot of travelling.

I guess my question at this point is rather simple. Will $10,000 Canadian make good for a 3 month trips such as this one? This is just $10,000 of my own for myself. My younger brother would be covered by my parents, and my friends have got their own money. But idealy for each person, would $10,000 Canadian cover us for a fun time over there across many countries?

Thank you very much for any response, it'll be greatly appreciated!

- Marcus

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Is that $10,000 supposed to cover the flights to and from Europe or just travelling within Europe?
Have you looked into rail passes, like Eurrail?

When I went travelling around Europe for a month I budgeted 50 euros a day for accomodation, travel and entertainment. I did have a rail pass so I wasn't really paying anything for travel, but I never went over that budget and at the end of the day I could have had a much smaller budget and got along nicely. If my calculations are right your $10,000 amount to a daily budget of 75 euros..

It's late, and I don't know if this even makes sense but I hope it's at least a start..

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The $10,000 would be used in Europe. I can fly there using points that my parents are willing to let me use, so it would be a free flight there and back.

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I think $10,000 Canadian sounds like a most sensible budget for 3 months, providing you're not expecting to travel 1st class or stay in 3 star+ hotels. If you're a bit careful you might even go home with some change.