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south america trip. what do you think?

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean south america trip. what do you think?

1. Posted by el_chulo (Budding Member 7 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi, after long research, it s end up like it s not possible to cross all the countries by a rented car. we decided to split our trip in 2 parts mixing organised tour and advanture. here is the planning and budget. all prices are in euros.
This is an elaboration of our trip and some changes might be done...
to join the 2 parts we will use a LAN airpass wich is a combinaison of one way flight for a cheap price.
total of the 3 flights 447 euros.

part 1

05/04: flight buenos aires - santiago. (no direct flight to la paz). stay 2 days
07/04: flight santiago - la paz
08/04 - 08/05 : altiplano expedition
organised tour in peru and bolivia. altiplano expedition. departure: la paz (bolivia). arrival : Lima.
itinerary: La paz - sucre - potossi - uyuni salar - titicaca - cusco - inca trail - machu pichu - arequipa - colca canyon - nasca lines - lima.
budget: 1700 euros (trip - logement - local "taxes" - excursions,...) + 270 euros (food).

10/05: flight lima - buenos aires

part 2

13/05- 15/06: part 2 with a rented car/motorhome (depending of number of people)
itinerary: buenos aires - santiago (chili) - san pedro de atacama - salta (north argentina) - iguacu - rio (brasil) - sao paulo - montevideo (uruguay) - buenos aires.
budget: rented car: 1500 eur/number of person.if motorhome 3000/number of person. gaz: 1000 eur/ number of person. logement if not a motorhome 5-10 euros/night. if we are 3 part 2 should cost 1200 eur /pers + flight. if we are 5 (motorhome), 800 eur/pers + flight

18/06: flight back to europe.

Comments, recommendations,... more than welcome...
For the part 2, if someone already did a part of it by car, could you give me some informations about distances, places to see, duration, logement,...

We are still looking for others travellers to join us, anyone intereseted??
In advance thank you for your help...


2. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Frankly, the first part of your itinerary makes only very little sense to me.

What you intend to do, is Buenos Aires - Lima (north) - La Paz (south again) - Uyuni (south) - Titicaca (north again) - Lima (north) - Buenos Aires (south... again). With your endpoint (BsAs) to the south, it would be much more logical to book a southbound tour, doing Lima - La Paz - Uyuni. They do exist, but you should ask someone else for their experiences as I never did organised trips in the region.

Also, why don't you simply buy an open jaw ticket to SA, into La Paz (or if you can find another tour, into Lima which would be better) and out of BsAs? Doing the whole trip from BsAs seems like an awful waste of money and fuel to me.

Third, if you're dead set on doing this the way you have in mind, consider flying into La Paz via Santa Cruz rather than Lima; it's probably cheaper, plus it's less miles, so less pollution.

3. Posted by el_chulo (Budding Member 7 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

hi, thanks for your help but I think you misunderstood...
we doing b aires-santiago-la paz - lima - b aires (part 1)
the part 1 is an organised tour, we haven t done the itinerary. We would have prefer a tour like buenos aires - lima but they are all booked. The only one corresponding to ours dates was this one. But we are not going twice to lima as you said...
Anyway the par one is orgzanised, we need more help for the part 2 if possible...
thanks anyway...

4. Posted by Pyjamarama (Budding Member 16 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

As bentivogli said your itinerary is a bit confusing. Why are you flying from Lima to Buenos Aires to then fly back to Santiago. You could just get an overnight bus or flight from Lima to Santiago. Why are you even going back to Santiago seen as you were there before? You could just get a bus from Lima to San Pedro de Atacama. Also most Uyuni tours end in San Pedro de Atacama so would you change the tour itinerary to have an extra day here to see whatever you want so you aren't backtracking?

I think you could use your flights a bit better, you seem to be taking a lot of unnecessary ones. Maybe I'm not understanding your itinerary?? I'd probably make a stop between Salta and Iguazu as it is a big distance apart.

5. Posted by el_chulo (Budding Member 7 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

ok let s explain it again...

part 1: ORGANISED TOUR!!!altiplano expedition. by group of 10-15. The only places and dates available/arrange us are thoses ones: Start in La PAz on avril 8th to LIMA on may 8th. I will be in buenos aires to stay in a friend house from march 12th till beginning of april when another friend come to join me for our trip. Thus I will be in buenos aires and need to go to La paZ in 3 days. How do you want me to do? swimming?by bus? by plane?
by bus dont want because a part of our organised tour will already include sucre-potossi-uyuni. By plane? unfortunatly, there are no DIRECT planes to La Paz from buenos aires. that s why we have to do by plane a) buenos aires-santiago-la paz or b) buenos aires - lima - la paz.
We choose a) because we will finished the organised tour in lima and will have some days to visit it.

From them, we want to rent a car THAT ALLOWS YOU TO CROSS ALL THE BORDERS! If you find any company doing it, I sign for it now!!! you can t! why back in buenos aires then? to let some luggages in BA. rent a car there and drop off the car in the same place. do you understand? If you rent a car in argentina the only borders you are allowed to cross are chile, brasil and uruguay. AS WE STILL WANT A TRIP IN RENTED CAR, we decided to do as much as we can by car which is not included in the organised tour. WHY doing lima buenos aires by plane? CAUSE WE WANT TO DO IT BY CAR.
thus we want to do by car: buenos aires -valparaiso (not back in santiago, it was only to show more or less the destination) - san pedro (which is not included in the organised tour) - salta (neither) - assuncion (not possible cause in paraguay and drive in paraguay with an argentinan rented car is not allowed!) thus will do around paraguay till iguacu. From there rio and down by the coast to buenos aires where we let the car and flight back to europe ( flight already purshased)

Hope you understand now...
I know it s not the easiest way but we doing what we can we the time we have.
Thus if anyone have information about the roads b aires-valparaiso-san pedro-salta- corrientes - iguacu - rio- fioranapolis- montevideo - buenos aires BY CAR not by bus.
thanks a lot

6. Posted by Pyjamarama (Budding Member 16 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

To be honest I don't think you will get much help with that attitude. You didn't explain your itinerary properly in the first post (that you were meeting friends, that you were going back to Buenos Aires for left luggage, renting a car etc.) We were only trying to help by pointing out you are making things difficult for yourself route wise.

I don't know much about renting cars only that it is quite expensive compared to bus travel so can't help you there.

7. Posted by el_chulo (Budding Member 7 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

sorry, didn t mean to be rude...i just thought it was clear and you were the second person who didn t understand...
appologise if you took it wrong... thanks anyway for your help.
have a nice day...:)

8. Posted by KRISTIN_NI (Budding Member 15 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

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So, how were the mushrooms