UPS, or Fedex equivalent in Morocco?

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UPS, or Fedex equivalent in Morocco?

hi, ive had the misforunte of ruining my camera in the moroccan desert. it still has a warrenty, but it's US ONLY. I am not from the US (though I have friends there). My question is what company, in which city (I'm near Tinghir, Morocco now) sends packackes overseas (like FEDEX, or UPS), but operates in Morocco/

My next major stop is Fes, and then Rabat/Casablanca. What company should I send the broken camera with?

I'm taking a risk by paying for the expensive shipping but there's no guarantee that Sony will repair the camera. They may say you took it to the desert, and dropped it in the sand but I have no choice. The 1 year waarrent period ends in a few weeks. Cameras are expensive in Morocco, and I need a replacement ASAP.


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I have used Fedex between Morocco and the States. be aware that it will take a week at least for Fedex to get your camera to the states, there is no "overnight" service. I believe Fedex has several locations in Morocco and one of them is an office in Rabat, so that should work out well. Their office locations are on the fedex website.

If it was me, i would contact Sony first and verify that they will fix the camera before going to the trouble and expense of sending it back...

my 2 cents....


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If it's your fault that you dropped it in the Sahara, I can't see Sony honouring the warranty claim.

However, lots of people in Morocco get sand and dust in their cameras; even the TV and film crews do. And thelocal experts have got very good at cleaning them.

Try Wrede on Av Mohammed V in Marrakech.