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This is my first post on this forum so I thought I'd post about my Round the World Trip with my girlfriend.

We've have been thinking about this for over a year and trying to plan for quite a while. We're off in April and cannot wait!

A year away with no work! YIPPEE!

The basic route can be found HERE!!!

We'll be taking in:
USA - from April to November we'll be travelling from New York to Seattle in an RV, CLICK HERE to see the route we have pencilled

Japan - We arrive in Japan at the beginning of August, we'll be staying for 2 weeks (wish it was longer but Japan is expensive) and travelling from Tokyo to Osaka

China - Mid August we hit Shanghai, the original plan was to fly in to Bejing but the olympics are playing havoc with the flights there so we may travel overland, but will have to see nearer the time how hectic it is. We are planning on travelling to Xi'in, Hong Kong and down to Vietnam all overland, taking in the scenery on the way.

Vietnam - Still travelling overland we will be making our way through Vietnam to Cambodia, we have anywhere up to 3&1/2 months for the overland portion of the trip.

Cambodia - Travelling across to Thailand through Cambodia, again anything up to 30 days here.

Thailand - The final part of our overland trip takes up through Thailand and down to Singapore where we fly to New Zealand

New Zealand - From end November we have 1 month to travel from the South Island to the North Island overland, possibly buying a vehicle or by coach

Australia - Arriving here just in time for Christmas and NYE we will be staying in Sidney with a good friend of mine (who is currently my house mate!) before making a journey up towards Cairns, then flying to Perth.

India - The final leg of the journey will be in March and we will be travelling through India from Chennai to Delhi

That wraps up our year! You can view my blog by -snip-which should be kept updated en route.

Any comments and/or suggestion are appreciated!

Karl & Fran

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Oops, sorry about that, I didn't realise it wasn't allowed.

I'll see if I can get a copy for when we get the RV!

Thanks for that, i'll check it out :)

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Not to worry Karl, no harm done.

Best advice for this trip....in America, bear right. When we drove around Ireland, the best advice people gave us was "bear left" And best to practice driving the RV in a shopping mall car park....helps get used to backing up a tank!!!

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In case you didn't know, we have a travel map feature where you could map your entire trip, like this one. This map can also be embedded in your blog entry like this. :) Best of all, you can manage everything here for your trip! ;)


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Karl & Fran,

Sounds like an awesome trip. I have a similar trip to that.

I live in Baltimore, so if you show up before April 23rd. I can show you around.. I'll be California May 1st -14th, Alaska May 16th-June 1st. June/July will be somewhere in Africa. Have a flight to Beijing August 4th, trying to use my connections to get lodging & tickets. Love you hear how your trip turns our or meet up with you guys in Beijing. I'll be in China (I hope..) from Sept-Dec. Then it's straight south like you guys.. into Australia..

Where are you getting your RV and how much does it cost (just curious..). I've been trying to plan an cross country trip for a while. Found that RVs were really expensive to rent. The cheapest thing I could come up with was buy a used Mini-Van, Truck and/or Winnebago, outfit it with a bed and camp along the way. At the end of the trip you can still sell the van/truck/winnebago...

Good luck and have fun!

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